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  • huge boost in my immune system
    I watched a couple of videos on Youtube about the importance of Vitamin D and the immune system, one of them being by Dr. Robbins. I tried this product because of the plant based ingredients and the great value. But here's the best part -- I have NOT had a single cold or anything in 7 months! Everyone around me has gotten sick, but not me. NOTE: I do take 2 of these daily, not 1 - so, maybe that's why. Oh, energy levels are so much better too =)
  • 3 month supply, NICE!!!
    I didn't even realize until AFTER I ordered that this is a 3 months supply, wow! What a great value. Everyone else's product that has both D and K are one month supply for the same price. AND they're the cheaper oil version. Thanks Dr. Sam!
  • D+K = perfect combo
    I did a lot of research before I committed to Perfect Vitamin D&K. I researched the differences in oil and plant based D3. I researched the dosages. I researched the best forms of vitamin K. The correct ratios and combinations of these 2 fat soluble vitamins. I researched different companies, prices, etc. As a former accountant, I'm very analytical. Dr. Robbins has "literally" created the perfect Vitamin D+K formula, dosage and ratio. I'm very pleased!
  • my doctor suggested it

    I'm shocked that my doctor didn't give me a sleeping drug and suggested I take Deep Sleep formula. He said that sleeping drugs don't put you into deep, REM sleep. And they are addictive. Plus, cause memory problems.

    So he told me he takes Deep Sleep formula and I should try it. Again, SHOCKED that he didn't push a drug. THANK YOU!

    Long story, DSF works well. Sometimes it works amazing, sometimes not as good. But, too many variables. Try it and see for yourself.

  • this is the best form to take

    I'm a biologist and I'm still very surprised and saddened that the market is full of dubious products that do not work well and can actually be unhealthy. LIQUID forms of Vitamin D have repeatedly been shown to become rancid and/or toxic over time. Gel caplets are better. The most correct and potent form is powdered, microencapsulated form found in HFL's Perfect Vitamin D&K. 

    You are taking vitamins and supplements to help improve your health, the TYPE and delivery mechanism also matters greatly. Good job Dr. Robbins for an outstanding product, balanced and correctly dosed.

  • 2 in 1, "perfect"
    it's to both vitamins in 1 pill, at a high dose, 90 days supply and a really good price - what more can you ask for?!
  • my doctor recommended
    I was really surprised when my doctor actually recommended to take this specific product, Perfect Vitamin D+K. I thought he would have given me a prescription or force me to take some drugs when my D levels weren't in a good range. He said "do a search for Dr. Sam Robbins' Perfect Vitamin DK". I did. I bought it. I'm very happy.
  • 3 month supply, wow
    BOTH D and K are at high dosages and it's 90 veggie pills. WOW! WIth auto-ship, it's costing me like less than $2 a WEEK? I can't believe it. LOVE HFL AND DR SAM
  • long time user
    small pill, vegetable capsule, no junky sheep oil gel caplets, 2 vitamins in one pill, optimal ratios, great dose, 3 month supply, great price. THIS is why I'm a long time user of Perfect DK and other HFL supplements
  • works better than caplets
    I was surprised to find out the microcapsulated powdered version works better than the oil. Especially since almost everyone else has the oil caplets. But I did my research and yup, dr. Robbins was correct. SO I bought 1 bottle and I felt better within a week. I also did a blood test and my Vit D levels increased by 19 points, at the SAME dose. So, this is a much better product and I can feel it too. Thanks Dr. Sam
  • really surprised with the blood tests
    I was surprised to see my Vid D levels were so low because I was taking Vitamin D already. 24 was mine. The range is like 30-80. I watched a video with Dr. Sam at youtube about how absorbability matters so much. I switched to Perfect Vit DK. At the SAME dose as my previous brand (5000 units), my level is now 42. That's almost double and it's only been 7 weeks. I'll do another test in a few months to see if it goes higher. But can you believe it? It almost doubled using Dr. Sam's Perfect DK. Just goes to show you how much quality matters.
  • very important it's Vegan & plant based
    Not too many companies make plant-based versions of D and K. I know it's much more expensive and that's why. So I'm glad Dr. Robbins has made this. Plus, it's actually less expensive than others since it's a 90 day supply. Go figure. Thanks for not ripping us off doc
  • take it in the morning
    awesome product. Great ingredients. Fantastic value. But one word of caution, take it in the morning with food, it tends to give you a little bit of energy. Granted, this is exactly what it says on the bottle, lol
  • 10/10

    Cant go wrong with Dr Sam and HFL! It is clear they take pride in their products. No complaints 10/10 would recommend.

  • allergy friendly

    I love that this product is allergy friendly!

  • important K
    It's so important to take K with D3. MOst companies and brands miss this point. They work together. Perfect DK has the correct ratio and the healthier plant-based version. Kuddos! 
  • important K
    It's so important to take K with D3. MOst companies and brands miss this point. They work together. Perfect DK has the correct ratio and the healthier plant-based version. Kuddos! 
  • it works
    I don't have much to say other than it really works. You will sleep better. Both myself and husband got great results. So, it can't be luck
  • Vitamin D3 & K2 Customer Reviews
    I've been using Vitamin D&K by HFL for 7 months now and my blood tests showed great improvements in D3 levels. I didn't test for K2, but I know both need to be taken together. I'm very happy with the results and will be buying another 3 bottles.
  • awesome numbers

    I get great read from my blood work (almost 70). This is quite the pill and combination (both vitamin and hormone).

  • good for bones
    a great product, very important for bones
  • it's working
    My D level are coming up. Noticing stamina improving.
  • indispensable!!!

    I have been using a number of HFL products for years and have always found them to be safe, reliable and effective. I am truly impressed with the research behind each supplement. I credit Vitamin D+K with boosting my immunity, as well as improving my bone health.

  • works well for improving D levels in blood test
    This product really works. I had very low Vitamin D levels and it raised my levels into the optimal range.
  • more energy
    I haven't done a blood test yet, but I have a lot more energy and focus since taking it.
  • I would recommend this

    High quality, great blend, good results and I am confident using this product and recommending it to others

  • love this
    love DK , love dr. robbins, love his youtube videos
  • important MK7
    It's a great product to contain the correct D3 and K2, in the MK7 patented form. Great research Dr. Sam!
  • improved blood work

    I've been taking Perfect DK for 1 year now. I started with 26 Vitamin D blood test, which is horrible. Now, a year later, it's 91 blood test. YES, that much of an improvement. 

    I take 1 pill daily in the morning and if I feel I'm coming down with a cold, I take 3 daily for a week. That's it and this works perfectly!

  • great for seniors
    my husband and I firmly believe this is helping our health and future.
  • best products
    HFL is one of my favorite supplement companies and has been for the past 5 years. Vitamin DK is one of my favorites. Dr. Robbins always seems to make the best, all-in-one formulas and it's at a great price. Two products in one, high dosage too.
  • perfect combination

    It's not easy to find the combination of Vitamin D and Vitamin K-2 (especially MK7 version), which is recommended by my nutritionist. I love being able to get this combination from HFL on auto-ship so I never run out.

  • excellent D3 supplement
    I did a search on google and this was recommended for Vitmain D3. I then find it out it also has the correct K2 form as well. Lucky me. Two for the price of one
  • medical student feedback

    I absolutely LOVE HFL products and customer support and of course, Dr. Sam's videos! Being a full-time medical student, and doing clinical rounds, it's important for me to take QUALITY supplements, but also at an AFFORDABLE price. I get all of that and more with HFL! My doctor said my D levels need to be higher. Perfect DK has BOTH the correct forms and types of D2 and K2/MK7. The perfect combination of both

  • great
    I've done the research, D needs to be taken with K. I'm getting both in one veggie pill, at a 3 month supply. What more can you ask for
  • Top-notch Product!

    Very happy with the quality of this product and effects I'm seeing in my body; I have multiple health conditions, and quality supplementation makes a big difference in the quality of my being! I trust HFL and Dr. Sam for their reputation among patients and professionals alike, as well as my own positive personal experience. Highly recommend!

  • military respect
    20 years in the United States Army and every year I've been told I'm vitamin D deficient and what did I do? The answer is nothing . . . until I stumbled on HFL and picked this little beauty up with everything else and after a solid month of taking it my doctors are happy as I transition out of the military!
  • works great
    I have been taking perfect DK and Inflame & Pain RElief for a couple years now and it has improved my quality of life!
  • Prescribed based off deficiency
    Prescribed this based on deficiency in my bloodwork and malabsorption in my body. Works well.
  • 100% happy
    love HFL's D&K combination, the purity, the fact it's non-gmo, organic, vegan and everything else about it. It's perfect!
  • good for my bones and health
    Love the quality, the size, the price and the combination of D3 and K2. I have no idea why other companies don't do the combo. It's clearly proven to be better. 
  • K2
    For years I've been taking D3, it's good. I only started taking K2 because of a video by Dr. Robbins. Glad both are in one small pill at a great price.
  • easy
    small pill, 2 vitamins, once a day. Easy
  • great
    I've been using a few of your products for years, this is another winner
  • boosted my D
    I have seen such a boost in my Vitamin D level since taking PERFECT DK and so has my blood test! It is small and so easy to take!
  • will order again
    I just put in my 3rd order, 9 bottles so far. The whole family uses Perfect DK
  • happy doctor
    I changed from another brand to HFL PERFECT Vitamin D&K and I had a great increase in my lab vit D levels. My doctor was thrilled.
  • Quality, allergen friendly
    This product is high-quality, effective, and allergen friendly.
  • no sunlight, more D
    Because I work in an office 8 hours a day, it’s really important for me to take extra vitamin D because I don't get out in the sun each day. Perfect DK real is a perfect product because it's 2 important vitamins in a small capsule and a great price since the bottle lasts me 3 months