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  • one month update
    Checking in to report that the Stress + COrtisol Relief combined with Body-Brain Energy is keeping on track all day. It is always a test of time if something really works and after one month I can tell you that I can work 9 hours without coming up for air. I'm super focused. Before I was having trouble just getting out of bed often. So this is a blessing and I'm much more productive at work.
  • better recovery from workouts
    I take 4 stress + cortisol pills after my workout, which is 4x weekly. I'm recovering better from my workouts, less muscle soreness and my muscles feel harder or fuller. Maybe because they are recovering better? I don't know, but I'm very happy with the results. Great for anyone who works out
  • smaller stomach and love handles
    I just finished my 3rd bottle of Stress and cortisol Relief and the biggest thing I've noticed or results is that my stomach is for sure flatter and smaller. My love handles are smaller. I can grab less fat. I did not take measurements, but my pants are much bigger and looser on me. I wasn't expecting this, so it's a great surprise
  • my arms grew, bigger muscles, but not stronger

    I take this after my workouts, as described at the site. I take 4-6 pills, immediately after my workout with a whey protein shake. I workout 4x weekly and those are the days I take it. I don't use it for sleep, I already sleep great.

    I've used 5 bottles so far. The result is I've put 1/2 inch on my arms. My stomach and waist size is the same, so I haven't gained fat. I look more muscular, that's for sure. But, I'm not stronger. Kinda weird. But, who cares because I'd rather have bigger muscles than more strength!

  • don't run out

    I was working a very stressful job in a prison. I could tell that when I took my stress relief I felt so much better than when I ran out of the product. After a week, I could tell I felt so much more stress and my tolerance was much lower. I have since made sure that I never run out of this product. It is truly a great product that produces a definite relief from stress.

  • it works, but slowly for me

    My wife and I both take Stress & Cortisol Relief by Dr. Robbins. For her, she felt the results quickly. However, it took 2 bottles for me to start noticing all the positive benefits. I would have actually returned it and asked for a refund if it wasn't for my wife swearing how great the product is. 

    I'm glad I listened to her (don't let HER know I said that, LOL!!!) and continued to use the product. So be patient and you WILL feel the benefits. It may take a few weeks or even a couple of months, but it's worth it.

    PS - if your curious, I felt less anger, more calm feelings. More in control. My libido also was higher, that's for sure. My wife lost 1 inch around her stomach.

  • better workouts and muscles
    I think most supplements are scams and don't work. Dr. Robbins products are one of the few that I've tried in the past and has worked. I decided to try Stress and cortisol relief after watching his youtube video. I thought, what the heck, it comes with a year guarantee. I got 3 bottles. I didn't notice much the first week or two. But by the end of the second bottle I realized that I was stronger in the gym. I had better pumps. My muscles looked harder and leaner at the same time. I weigh the same, but look much better. I don't know how or why, but I'm going to get 3 more bottles and up the dose
  • better than alcohol

    Many of us occasionally reach for alcohol when we are feeling stressed. This product is a great healthy way to stay calm without the negative effects that alcohol leaves. When your a busy parent you cant remove all of lifes stressors ; STRESS & CORTISOL RELIEF makes carrying those burdens seem much easier.

  • better than drugs

    At the advice of my Dr. I started taking this a few months ago and stopped taking an addictive prescription which was not working well at all. I had no idea that I had developed a physical dependence on the prescription until I stopped taking it. The first few days were really rough, but STRESS & CORTISOL Relief helped tremendously. Now I am way less stress and when I ran out it wasnt that big of a deal, no withdrawals or anything negative. It's really safe. My stress is definitely held at bay with this supplement. After two months I feel much more clearheaded and am able to see the positives that surround me which helps in every aspect of my life.

  • everything feels better
    I started taking Stress & Cortisol RElief about 2 months ago (I've used 2 bottles so far, starting my third now) and slowly but surely, it seems that everything in my body is improving. My mood, my sleep, my attitude, my libido, my sugar cravings have decreased, my blood pressure for sure is lower, especially at night and well, this is all that comes to mind so far. I've changed nothing else, so I'm certain that it must be this product. I am looking forward to trying other products by HFL and Doctor Sam
  • more muscle and less fat

    I started taking Dr. Robbins AlphaViril product to boost my testosterone. For sure I saw and felt results and my blood tests showed improvements in my hormones, which is great. (By the way, I'm 51 years old). Unfortunately, I'm going through a divorce and the stress is just kicking my butt. I started taking Stress & Cortisol product and I felt calmer. Then, my sleep was better. I was happy with all of that. 

    However, after 4 months of being on it, I am leaner for sure. I'm stronger at the gym. I take it after my workouts on the days I lift (M/T/TH/F) and on the other days I take it before bed for better sleep.

    I would take it all the time, but I can't afford it. Give it a try, be patient with the muscle building benefits.

  • its been 5 days
    I got an email asking me to review the product. It's only been 5 days, but I feel a bit more focused and less angry. Odd. I didn't realize I was angry, but my wife point it out. So, I guess this stuff is working so far. Let's see what happens after a month
  • recommended for sure

    This product has helped a lot with my stress. I am feeling much better. More in control, it's hard to explain. Just better all around.

  • less edgy
    Ever since taking Stress + COrtisol relief, I'm less edgy. Less short-termed. I'm easier going, which is something my wife pointed out. So, I guess my stress or cortisol levels were much higher before.  This stuff works!
  • Works and doesn't make me drowsey

    I've tried 3 other products, popular ones. I like Stress/Cortisol relief the best. This product is very beneficial because I feel it working quickly. I am a property manager for NYC co ops, and dealing with hundreds of people daily can make anyone become oppositional. This supplement helps me manage the stress very well. More importantly, it does not make me drowsy!

  • love this stuff

    This product has changed my everyday stress to utter relief! I couldnt think of not taking this every day. Such RELIEF!

  • love this stuff

    This product has changed my everyday stress to utter relief! I couldnt think of not taking this every day. Such RELIEF!

  • much needed after my break up

    My sister uses this product and after my recent break up with my boyfriend of 4 years, I really need something to help me deal with the stress, the pain, sleepless nights, etc. I know I should be stronger, but it's been very difficult. Needless to say, taking Stress + Cortisol relief really does help. It reduces the pain and stress, I'm not super emotional anymore and in fact, within days of taking it I'm much happier.

    Now, I know it's the product because when I stopped using it, about a week later I could tell I felt more stressed and I started having bad dreams and poor sleep. So, I'll just continue using this and eventually I'll be strong enough to not care anymore.

  • keeps me calm
    I used to be stressed out by certain members of my family. Now that I take this daily it has helped to calm me
  • a great gift =)

    I got such great results that I gave 2 bottles to friends that had a family death. They thought it was a great gift instead of flowers. I will be checking back with them to see what they think of them. I got 7 bottles when I ordered, so I would have plenty. Thanks for the great products that you create.

  • slow and steady results, be patient

    It has helped me feel calmer during stressful days. I take it as needed instead of as a daily regime. It is not immediate and something you may need to take everyday to get the full benefit. However, be patient because over the next few days and weeks, you'll start to see more and more positive benefits.

  • great relief
    This is my second month of using Stess & Cortisol and it's good stuff. I started at a lower dose, just 1-2 pills at nights on the weekdays, weekends off. I'm a nurse and I've been under extra stress in recent times. I know that most supplements don't work and most doctors don't believe in them. But, THIS product does work. Use as needed.
  • it's a great escape

    This product helps me keep my worries in check when I can't escape life's stressors.

  • woth the try

    Thought I would give this supplement a try because I have been struggling with the stress, The surprising effect was that I was no longer battling fatigue all day but I was able to get so much more accomplished during the day. Feeling like my old self again.

  • helps
    This product helps me keep my worries in check when I cant escape lifes stressors.
  • less panic acttacks
    I purchased this to hep reduce my stress levels or to cope with tings better. But, since Ive been on Cortisol and Stress Relief my panic attacks have gone away. My husband has noticed a big difference in me too. I actually went into a store on my own the other day and felt confident for the first time in a long time. Thank You Dr. Robbins for making this possible.
  • takes edge off

    High quality excellent results. Takes the edge off after a stressful day

  • my new favorite

    This product works like a charm. In my experience, it also helps with lasting longer in the bedroom. =)

  • ordered 3 bottles
    I ordered 1, it seemed to work. I felt better, so that's good enough for me. I just ordered 3 more to give it a good, longer try.
  • really amazing
    I discovered that your adrenals can get depleted. I did research and this product contained the key ingredients that were proven in studies. It really makes a difference in my sleep and calmness through out the day. I love that I dont feel anything bad, I just feel better. This plus PROVANAX is my "prescription" :)
  • ordered 3 bottles
    I ordered 1, it seemed to work. I felt better, so that's good enough for me. I just ordered 3 more to give it a good, longer try.
  • we use it daily

    Me and my husband both take this product daily and it has made a huge difference in our day to day stress levels. The adrenal support aspect and benefits is a big plus as well. This product is for anyone who has had chronic stress and needs some relief.

  • positive results

    Stress + Cortisol relief is great for when you are feeling more tense than usual. It gives you a calming affect without any side effects. I highly recommend this product. It is great if you also struggle with sleep at night.

  • better than benzo drugs
    This stuff really helps with my anxiety and stress. So much better and safer than taking anxiety benzo drugs. I'm now using it with Provanax, another one of Dr. Sam's products for mood. Great combo!