NOTE: In 2021, CholesLo™ was renamed to Cholesterol Optimizer™
  • it really worked for me, 5 years now =)

    I was taking 40 mg. Zo cor daily. About five years ago I started using Choleslo, while slowing weaning myself from the statin drug. It took about a year, with quarterly checks of my cholesterol, to completely eliminate Zocor from my regimen. 

    My cholesterol and triglyceride levels have been normal ever since, without losing weight. My liver enzymes are better. I have more energy. My homocysteine levels are also perfect. I wouldn't be without Choleslo. Doctor made, approved and wroth every penny. Thank you Doctor Robbins 







  • Triglycerides from 333 to 171 in 3 months!

    My husband like many can’t take cholesterol lowering drugs due to side effects. Taking this, 2 pills in am and pm, cholesterol from 245 to 185, ratio from 5.6 to 2.9. I am telling everyone about this that will listen! If you want something that works, no side effects, THIS IS IT!!!!! The numbers don’t lie!!!! Wish I found this years ago but so blessed to have found it now!!! 

  • everyone should read this

    Dr. Sam you have my permission to use all or part of what I am sending you that may be helpful to someone else in my condition.


    I am a male 86 years old 5' 6" and weigh 156 pounds. Several years back I started having problems running out of breath and having chest pains at that time they did a nuclear scan and said that I was not in terribly bad shape. But as time progressed walking from my boat to the car approximately 85 steps it got to where I had angina and arm pain even when I stopped halfway and rested a while so I finally decided to let him do a heart cath and found 80 to 99% blockage. 

    Of course the first thing they wanted to do was open heart I turned that down, Next they wanted to put stints in one at a the time a couple weeks apart due to other health problems and I stated that I was going to take a little time to decide.

     I started searching for information on cholesterol lowering drugs and at this time I found your site showing CholesLo and Blood flow optimize after reading your information I ordered your products and started on it as I finished up on vinegar mix. In 90 days worth of use (3 bottles of each), my cholesterol has improved dramatically. I also feel better circulation in my feet and legs. Thus, BOTH of your products have worked as you've stated.

    Even though I'm an older man, I do not consider myself OLD. I decided to next try Alpha Viral. Within the first week, I've FELT my libido and erections improve and this is at half the dose. I wanted to start low, as your bottle has instructed. My energy levels have also gone up. The only negative is I have a faster heart rate, but my blood pressure is NOT elevated. So, that's good. A small price to pay for better erections, energy and libido.

    This means that you are 3 for 3. Three great products you've made have worked excactly as you've stated. Even better than I had hoped for. My sincere gratitude for your work and for giving hope to an "older" man. Thank you

    I am also including a list of my medications and possibly you could suggest removing some or adding something else that could benefit me. And possibly my stomach as it bothers me some of the time. By the way I stopped taking the aspirin because of one of your articles from the British medical Journal. Thank you very much.


    2 Blood Flow Optimizer  - better circulation
    3  Alpha Viril   -  Energy % Testestrone  
    3 CholesLo - improving lipids
    1 Bicalutamide 50mg To lower PSA
    1   Atorvastatin  10mg   Cholesterol  (I've lowered the dose in half since CholesLo)                           
    1 Isosorbide mn  er 60mg Hart  Morning
    2   Furosemide 40 mg  Water                                   
     2    Klor-comm10mg Potasium    
    1   D3 2000 IU
    1    Mago7 Colon Cleanse Good 
    1   Levothyroxine 112mcg  Thytoid        
    1  Liothyronine 25 mg Help with T 4
    2  Cranberry 12600 mg Kidney support 
    1 Eliquis 2.5 mg Blood Thinner (cut in half since Blood Flow Optimizer)       
    1 Skate liver oil  help clear blockage
    2 CQ10 100 mg  Help Hart
    1  Lecitain 1200mg Help hart
    1  Apple Cider Vinegar 500mg 

    PS  I have  passing along your web site to friends!

     Yours Truly,


  • thank you!!!

    I started CholesLo about a year, or more ago.  I recently had my bloodwork done for my annual check-up.  Here’s how the results compare with the previous labs....

    Before CholesLo:
    CHOL:  239
    TRIG:  153
    HDL:  56
    LDL:  152

    After CholesLo for about one year:
    CHOL:  207
    TRIG:  97
    HDL:  68
    LDL:  122

    The normal range to compare is: 
    CHOL:  100-200
    TRIG:  <150
    HDL:  >40
    LDL:  <130

    My cholesterol ratio was 3.3 this year, 2013 vs. 4.3 in 2011.  I still have some work to do.  But I am thrilled!!  I will not be taking medication.  This has inspired me to do better and be more active.  Thank you so much.  What a gift!! 

    Jeanne D. 
  • 72 pt drop

    In August I went for a check up and yes, that's right, my cholesterol was high at 298. I started researching and came across Dr. Sam's story about his father who had such high cholesterol that he had a stroke and how he started looking for something to help him and developed CholesLo. 

    I ordered in 6 bottles, 3 for myself, and one for my husband. We followed the bottle directions each week. Three months later I had to take more blood work and my cholesterol was again checked. The number was 226. My bad cholesterol had come down to 126. Unbelievable! That is a drop of 72 points in the LDL (bad) cholesterol. 

    We would recommend this product to everyone. Thanks Dr. Sam...

  • 5 years of perfect results, thanks you

    I got my husband started on this one after his physical 5 years ago. The next year he had dropped over 100 pts on his cholesterol and 88 pts on his triglycerides. No nasty side effects like man-made statins. Since that time his numbers always come back great even with a family history of high cholesterol.

  • lower cholesterol, more energy and sex drive

    Hello Dr Sam,

    Since dropping all the statin/non-statin drugs that nearly killed me, I am faithfully using Cholestol taking 2 capsules with my dinner daily. I thought I should go easy after my very serious side effects from the statins. As per Dr Sam's instructions, I will add one more capsule daily with my lunch in a few days, continue with plenty of water, a multi-vitamin and a high dose of fish oil.

    I have made a full recovery from the statins. Since beginning the Cholestol, I didn't notice any side effects, but after a few weeks, I began to feel a sense of well-being, increased energy, a more positive outlook upon my health, a renewed interest in my diet and in cooking and eating organic/healthy foods. I'd also like to admit that my sex drive has increased. At first, I wondered what was wrong with me, then realized the Cholesto and change of diet must be the secret! This has been a healthy and pleasant surprise!

    I will inform you of the results of my blood work on March 1.

    I intend to order Cholestol again shortly; I don't want to ever run out, will probably need it the rest of my life.

    Thank you Dr Sam for your work and most excellent health advice. I have a girlfriend who has just been diagnosed this past week with complete liver failure, now hospitalized, doctors are not sure why yet, and she has been taking statins for 7-8 years. Cancer or a tumor are suspected.

    I am so very grateful to you for being there, making your products available, and offering a safe alternative to presciption drugs that I was told by doctors I MUST take or die! I remain determined to fight high genetic cholesterol naturally. I feel wonderful, and Blessings upon both of you!

    Susan H Kelly

  • 3 years and still going strong

    The benefit of CholesLo, is a must for any person who currently have high cholesterol.

    I have been on CholesLo for the past 3 years and I maintain my choesterol and a level which amazes my doctor. Hen had me on Lipator and all it did was make my legs hurt and lose memory. My doctor has no problem with my stopping Lipator and staying on CholesLo. I thank you for making this product available.

  • the best

    Great product. My cholesterol is now normal. Of course trying to keep the animal fats away and it worked very quickly. Choleslo turned out to be the best product I've tried so far and I won't waste time with other ones anymore.

  • my doctor is happy

    The benefit of CholesLo, is a must for any person who  currently have high cholesterol.

    I have been on CholesLo for the past 3 years and I maintain my choesterol and a level which amazes my doctor. Hen had me on Lipator and all it did was make my legs hurt and lose memory. My doctor has no problem with my stopping Lipator and staying on CholesLo. I thank you for making this product available.

  • say no to STATTINS!!!!!!

    Absolutely refused to take statins which are the biggest scam ever! They actually damage your liver and rob your heart of COQ10. CholesLo owered my wifes total cholesterol by 30pts in 2months! Amazing! Why buy statins? they were derived from red yeast rice so go directly to source ITS MUCH SAFER! Plus, my wifes liver is healthier now and her homocysteine levels are perfect. Everyone shold be on Choleslo, NOT stupid statins!!

  • over 40 pts in 30 days!!!!!!!!

    Just wanted to let you know I had new blood work done and in just one month my LDL went from 146 to 105 and my total Cholesterol went from 232 to 189. WOW and WOW!!!! I'm sincerely amazed at my results in just one month. Makes a believer out of me! Thanks.

  • 44 pt drop in 6.5 weeks - see blood test

    I just emaied you my blood test results - you've saved me. 44 pts lower in only about 6 weeks, no change in my life-style and my blood pressure and sugar levels are better two. What is in CholesLo? It's like a miracle from the heavens. Thanks to you and God for this.

  • great news from my doctor

    Hi Dr. Sam,

    I just want to let you know that I went back for a cholesterol test after taking Cholestlo for approx 3 months, only 2 pills a day (yes, it's half the dose I'm supposed to take). My doctor's office would call immediately if the count was too high like she did last time, but I didn't get a call this time. So I called the receptionist at the doctor's office who said my cholesterol has gone down, my HDL was 4.7 last time and is now 4.6, my LDL was 4.0 and is now 2.3. So it worked!!!!

    Yeah! I'm so happy, I was a little scared to see the results, but it worked. Thankyou so much for putting in the time and energy to come up with such a wonderful product. I didn't want to go on the pills prescribed by doctors if I could find another way to reduce my cholesterol. My husband is on prescription pills for high cholesterol and blood pressure and is a skeptic regarding anything other
    than prescription pills. I'm afraid he's fallen into that mental category who think drugs is the only answer.

    So I've just ordered some more Cholestlo and am not sure if I should be taking 4 pills a day to make the LDL come down even more, but I do find the Cholestlo pills a bit on the expensive side, so that's why I was only taking 2 a day and not 4. What do you think?

    So I just wanted to thank you and your team, regardless of what my husband says. You're doing a great job and it's a wonderful product. Keep up the good work! P.S. Will you be having further sales in the future I wonder?


    Hi Heather - wow, amazing results. No news from the doctor is GOOD news, right? =) ... 2 pills daily is really the lowest one should do and the "general" dose is 4 daily. If you do monthly auto-ship, you save an additional 20% every month. Please understand that CholesLo is really like 5 products in one - it's a great deal in that you only need to take it and nothing else. It's easy and convenient and yes, it WORKS! =)

    But if money is an issue, then please take at least just 2 daily and if you need to lower your cholesterol more, than take 3 daily and see how that goes. Eventually, work up to the prescribed dose of 4 daily. Keep us posted. Thanks for the report

  • you were right dr sam, choleslo works!!

    Dear Dr. Robbins, Three months ago I e-mailed you regarding CholesLo. IMy name is Janys Kruse and I mentioned that I was praying and hoping that CholesLo would help me lower my LDL, etc. You assured me that I would be very very pleased. Well, you were RIGHT. I took CholesLo faithfully - decided to 'eat' a better diet, drink more water and took your other suggestions as well. I've lost 11 lbs. so far, and after 3 months I am extremely happy to report to you that my blood test results came back yesterday (Sept 7, 2011) at 163. I was at 227 ratio. My doctor is very pleased that I found this to help me as I get very sick from drugs - so you can imagine how happy I am right now. Thank you for this product! I am spreading the word! Janys Kruse

  • choleslo review

    My cholestoral dropped 55 points in just 3 months. My doctor was surprised. Good product, good company.

  • lowered my cholesterol

    Does a great job at lowering cholesterol, told my doctor I would try this before going on meds.. total cholesterol is down 50+ points since taking for 2 months.. works great!


    who invented these horrible, horrible drugs. My doctor kept pushing them on me, and I fell for it and had so many negative effects. A year of hell. From the good graces of God I found CholesLo, I don't even remember how. I took it, got off the prescription drugs and I have my life back again. I feel whole. I can move and think clearly. No side effects and my cholesterol continues to improve with each blood test.

    oh... another good news is I got rid of that doctor and went to another one. Why do they always have to give drugs???

    This is smart in that if you are not happy with your doctor, if they are not "listening" to your needs and concerns, it's best to find a different one. Drugs work, but if you have many side-effects, you need to find better alternatives. Always speak to your doctor before making changes.

  • Dr. Robbins' choleslo

    This products works very well. Your service is excellent. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you.

  • my doctor recommended it

    I know, it's crazy, but my doctor actually recommended Choleslo to me and NOT a prescription drug. That alone gives this product 5 stars!!!

  • you've fixed 50 years of smoking

    You never cease to excite me with your natural formulas.

    I have been half dead from smoking a pack of ciggies for 50 years while handling an Accounting job in the Aerospace Industry.

    600 Angina Attacks a month were not fun.

    Since taking your CholesLo and Blood Flow Optimizer Tabs, it has been reduced by 50%. 

    Your Energy pills are also very impressive. I no longer feel like falling into bed and taking a four hour nap each day. I feel so much younger in just a few days.

    I would like to request a list of all of your products because I think that they are superior to the dangerous drugs that the Big Pharma business is pushing and would love to feel young again.

    Your devoted fan, Fran

     P.S.  The ProVanax is wonderful for a good night's rest with no side effects, whatsoever. God Bless you for being here on the WWW! Your mother must be very product of her perfect son!

  • On the way to great scores!

    It's too early yet for anything conclusive as I've ony been taking CholesLo for 6 weeks now...(2 a day, 7 days a week). So far, all my numbers have improved. As an example, cholesterol was 241, now it's 218. I'm taking a lower dose to see how things are, but pretty darn good for only 6 weeks. Next test is in 2 months at 3 pills daily. I hope it'll be below 200 this next test. Wish me luck =)

  • strongly recommended

    For the past 15 years, my cholestrol never go down below 210 no matter how hard I exercise, what supplements I take. It has been a worryinng problem for years. Last month I started taking choleslo, wow..!! My cholestrol went down to 162, trig - 110, HDL -3, LDL 97. It was so perfect and finally, I managed to win this cholestrol level. A+++ for this must try, a true testimony

  • something everyone over the age of 40 should take - like vitamins

    Being a doctor and having had cholesterol for many years, is something I can completely relate to my patients. For a couple of years, I did use statin drugs to help control my cholesterol. It did work, but I felt "tired" on them after a while.

    My wife noticed one day and it clicked with me. It happens so gradually, you don't notice and think "I'm just getting old". But I slowly titrated off the medication and had used different herbs for many months. My diet was always fairly clean (not perfect - I do need to enjoy some of life's delicious gifts). After 5 months of using 3-4 different herbs, a college of mine told me about CholesLo.

    I looked at the ingredients and did further research on them. The product was already utilizing the SAME herbs I was using, but a few others - plus it was good for my liver. I switched over to CholesLo, simply because it was easier then taking various pills and so forth. I felt fine, nothing negative. Cholesterol has also improved a bit, but my liver enzymes REALLY improved and I noticed after a few months, some of my liver spots had lightened up. It was nice.

    I really like and even recommend CholesLo to others. It has every ingredient one needs and should be taking. It's convenient and a great deal. My wife now takes it too, but only at a lower "maintenance" dosage. Thanks very much!

  • I wish I tried your product a long time ago - it's fantastic!

    My cholesterol was always normal ... even into my 40's. My diet didn't change much and if anything, I got healthier as I got older. If for no other reason, just to watch my weight. I did a blood test a while back and my cholesterol was 247. Again, not bad, but not good. I didn't want to take any drugs. I improved my diet even more ... more fiber and even more exercise. It improved to 229.

    That's good, but I figured before it got worse as I aged, I better get on something, hopefully herbal. My brother in law told me about CholesLo and he gave me one of his bottles. I only took half the dose the first two week and then normal dose after that.

    I didn't feel any different. I ordered a couple more bottles from your site and used the product for a little over 3 months and then it was time for my check up.

    To my amazement, my cholesterol had dropped to 182... that's a 62 point drop in only 12 weeks! I couldn't believe it and the doctor was even more amazed. He wanted to see your bottle's ingredients and I told him I will bring it in on the next visit. You knows, maybe he'll be your next customer =)

    Take care and thanks!

  • no statins ever

    Has helped me in controlling my cholesterol. Was able to switch to this from using a statin to which I had a reaction to.

  • great service with auto-ship

    The product is great and the service is fantastic! I utilize their auto club/ship program. Saves me money and I don't ever hassle with ordering online or going to the store.

  • Doctor says yes

    I brought Choleslo to my doc and he said it's a good product to take. I was surprised. I thought he was going to prescribe a drug. I'm glad natural stuff works. thankss

  • improved HDL from 18 to 59

    Took as part of cardio and weight loss, took with Omega-3 as well, 2 pills daily. Cholesterol went from 259 total chol. (241/18) to 156 (97/59); amazing health difference I attribute to this product, highest recommendation regardless of price.

  • natural cholesterol cure

    this product really does it all. My liver is healthy again, all my lipid profiles have improved and I have more energy. Thanks you!!!

  • works for entire family

    This product has helped lower cholestrol, I have had no problems. Mother and father take it as well, they are good too. Next will be my older brother, he needs more convincing. =)

  • These are great for lowering cholesterol.

    The formula is solid. I did lots of research, weeks in fact since heart disease is in my family history. There is real science behind the formula. it works

  • much better HDL/LDL

    CholesLo did improve my cholesterol levels by 17 pts, but WOW ... it dramatically improved my HDL and LDL levels. Almost double the HDL and reduce LDL by38%. My doctor was even surprised. I don't know why the cholesterol didn't drop as much. But who cares because my doctors said the hdl/ldl ratio matters much more so than total cholesterol. Choleslo is a winner!!!

  • amazing products

    This product has lowered both my son's and my cholesterol by more than 100 points each. It only took three months on the product to do it. My son's triglycerides were over 400 and now after being on this product they are down to 130.

  • We use CholesLo exclusively with all our patients now

    We have a large anti-aging clinic. Unfortunately, due to the natural aging process and hormonal imbalances, people's cholesterol levels rise. Many of our patient's GP doctors simply prescribe them a drug for this situation.

    We don't believe in statin medications and that's simply because of the numerous complaints we hear about from our own patients and clients. It would be nice if they didn't have so many side-effects, but unfortunately, that's not the case. We first design a customized diet and exercise program to help the initial reduction of cholesterol and balance out the body. After this initial 30-60 day "diet/exercise" change, we do another blood test.

    At this point, we usually put our patients on your CholesLo product. The only things we alter is the dosage. Depending on how the second blood test was, we give either low, general or higher dosages of CholesLo. Surprisingly, even at "above recommended" dosages, CholesLo as very few side-effects, if any at all. Usually just mild "dry mouth" the first week or so. We are happy and so are our patients. We use it exclusively in our clinics now.

  • it's cheaper than buying everything separate

    I heard about this product having lunch with a colleague 18 months ago and they raved about it and said it actually worked. Skeptical as I was, I did try to purchase the product over the counter from a health shop when I was visting the sates and then I considered buying some of the ingredients separately (red yeast rice, coq10, milk thistle). To buy these ingredients separately from the health food shop was cost prohibitive. It was going to cost more. Then I googled Choleslo and found this site, red the reviews and ordered it all the way to Australia.. Yes it worked - 6.4 to 4.2 within 6 months.

    My doctor, who does support natural medicine was astounded and as a teaching doctor was going to conduct some research on her patients. I have recommended it to my friends and I heard very positive comments and results! The only negative is that it's not available here in Australia, but shipping is fast and I order in bulk and save money. So it's fine. Cheers.

  • red yeast rice ++++

    About 1 1/2 years my doctor recommended Red Yeast Rice as a substitute for statins to lower my cholesterol, which has been low but was higher. After 6 months taking this choleslo (3 a day), my overall number became very low and my good very high, a dramatic change that has held since. I'm sure the red yeast rice along with the other ingredients is the key, I don't know. I won't change to another product. this works too well.

  • better than zocor

    Used to take ZOCOR but had muscle aches, now with Choleslo, no aches and my cholesterol is right where it should be. I've been using this product for 3 years now.

  • i've referred lots of business to you =))

    I sing the praises of CholesLo every chance I get; I've sent a lot of business your way. My numbers after using the product were phenomenal (my cholesterol fell well within safe levels, but my triglycerides count went from something over 400 to under 100). I first heard CholesLo mentioned on a radio station here in Grand Rapids--WLAV. I think you yourself may have been speaking by phone with the morning DJ at the time, Tony Gates. I did a quick online search to locate your Web site.

    Keep up the good work. And thanks again for your excellent service Dr. Robbins.

  • 2 years and going strong

    I have been taking CholestLo for nearly two years now and I am confident it is working! I do not want to take the prescribed statins most Doctors recommend so thank you! Spread the word!

  • Refused to take Lipitor

    The total level of my cholesterol was 269. My doctor wanted me to take Lipitor, but I told her I was going to try something natural instead and within two months of taking CholesLo, it decreased to 188. I also eat healthy and exercise regularly. I have recommended this suplement to several of my friends and they all have had the similar results.

  • good stuff

    This product has lowered my cholesterol levels by 70 points. Love this product !!

  • Good company and great products

    I've tried 2 of your products now, one of them being choleslo, it works, they both work. Thank you.

  • a natural way that works.

    I have been taking this for 2 years now and have seen a considerable difference in my cholesterol levels. Would recommend this to and and all interested in the natural way without prescription intervention.

  • be patient, it really works

    Dr. Robbins:

    I wanted to give a quick summary of how my cholesterol values have changed as a result of taking Choleslo. In September, for my annual physical exam, the blood tests showed:


    In response to those levels and after no small amount of internet research, I ruled out my Primary Physician's recommendation for statins (and the alternate course of extended release niacin), in favor of Choleslo. Since then, I've had blood work, about a month apart, and the results are quite similar and positive. They are as follows:

    11/15/09 TOTAL CHOLESTEROL: 236 LDL: 151 HDL: 63 T. CHOL/HDL RATIO: 3.7

    12/21/09 TOTAL CHOLESTEROL: 225 LDL: 156 HDL: 61 T. CHOL/HDL RATIO: 3.68

    Based on our earlier correspondence I'm continuing to take 2 a.m. and 2 p.m. of Choleslo. Next scheduled blood work is in April and I expect these results to continue showing up in this manner.

    Gary Spangler