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  • AMAZING products THAT WORK

    OMG I can't even believe how well this stuff works. I have been on 20mg Lisinopril and 2.5mg Amlodipine (which had my BP to around 140/85 on average)...I started taking these pills and within one month, I ditched BOTH BP pills (bye bye heartburn and dizziness)...my BP is consistently in the 120's/60's-70's....UNBELIEVEABLE 

     I did have to increase the dose to 6 pills/day, 2 in morning, lunch and evening. 

     I am taking Blood Flow Optimizer, Cholesterol Optimizer and Blood Pressure Optimizer. 

     I order 3 bottle of each and cant wait for my lipid profile to come back next month. 

     THESE PRODUCTS WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please speak to your doctor before changing or stopping any medications.

  • life altering products

    Dr Sam! I've been using AlphaViril long term because it's absolutely amazing. Anyone who has any doubt, forget it about it. Get it, try it and get your "mojo" back, LOL

    Because alphaViril worked so well, I also bought my dad Blood FLOW Optimizer and hope to get him off medication. I bought him 3 bottles, since it was a better deal. I then tried some myself a month later because my dad had positive results. And I couldn't believe it....I felt tingling and circulation in my feet and fongers I haven't felt since I was about 5.... and I'm 32......

    So next, I got my dad Blood PRESSURE optimizer because of his hypertension. His medication is giving him a lot of problems. In 3 weeks he lowered his blood pressure, amazing! I mean, it still has a little more to go, but with your product it's been around 130/80 and we want to bring it down to 120/75. I can't wait for the ongoing improvements.

    .You're products are truly life/health altering..... my dad's actually a radiographer and works with doctors will and it's crazy how they won't say anything bad about it (cause they can't) but they just don't care. I tell everybody though.


  • my mom was right

    My mom told me to take your product, blood pressure optimiser and to not take my hypertension drug. I didn't listen to her because my doctor said nothing natural works. So, she finally gave me a bottle of hers. I took it and within days, my blood pressure was much lower. I then ran out and guess what, my levels went back up again, so for sure your blood pressure pills work! I then bought 4 bottles (3 for me, 1 to give back to my mum =)

    My levels have dropped again. I'm not considering getting OFF my medication and only taking your pills. Thank you and thank you my wonderful mother for always thinking about (sorry I didn't listen(

    you should never got off of any prescribed medication without speaking to your doctor first. Even if you do or don't want to listen to them, please do so VERY slowly and gradually. Continue to monitor your BP daily to what your levels are.

  • my numbers are like a teenagers =)
    I started taking Blood Pressure optimizer 6 weeks ago. Within a few days, I noticed improvements. By the end of the first bottle (i guess 30 days?), my levels went from the usual 140-150 / 75-85 ... all the way down to 120-125 / 65-70. I was so excited that it motivated me to make other improvements in my life, based on the emails you send out when I purchased your pills. Today, my number was 116/64!!! Can you believe this? I can't remember ever having such great readings. I think teenage years probably. I'm even more motivated and excited. I feel so much more energized too. God, I wish I had started this years ago. I'm so stupid I didn't trust and believe in you. Live and learn. Much love dr. Sam Robins
  • BPO really, REALLY works, in just ONE day

    This is the only supplement review that I have ever written. There is a good reason for that. Almost no supplements actually work or they are mediocre at best.

    I tried this knowing that it may be a major disappointment just like all other supplements are. I bought it with a bottle of their Blood Flow Optimizer as well. A normal reading for me was about 150/100 with highs of about 165/110. 

    My BP readings certainly came down after just one day of use but were spiked as normal the very next morning. They continued to come down more every for about 5 days and there were no more spikes in the morning after that. I was excited.

    I'm only 12 days in as I type this and my new numbers are usually about 117/75 but I've seen it drop as low as 105/69. Even when I come in from work and climb the flight of stairs to my apartment my reading is usually 130/85 and settles down to normal within 2 or 3 minutes. 

    Seriously, I can't believe how well it works. I keep reading how great Dr. Robbins's products are and now I see why.

    This stuff does not leave me feeling tired and lifeless like BP meds do. But I do need more sleep now. I use to only sleep 5 or 6 hours per night. Now I don't want to get up even after 8 hours sleep. But I'm fine once I've been on my feet for about a minute.

    The truth is that I'm sleeping more, yes. But I feel so much more rested. I feel more productive. I'm energized all day. I guess I'm now sleeping correclty, better and deeper.

    I don't know how well this stuff will work for anyone else or even if it will work for others at all. I only know that it works for me but I don't know how well ot will work without the BloodFlow Optimizer.

    I tried PRESSURE first for a week and got very good results. I then added Blood FLOW and the results contineud to improve. 

    I really feel so much healthier all day long. I don't know how to describe it. How can 2 supplements make you feel so much healthier and younger??!!? No side-effects or anything bad? I don't get it. Maybe Dr. Sam is a "genius"?

  • 3 weeks results, a genius friend

    I'm posting this because Dr. Sam has been a friend of mine for 15+ years. I can tell you without a doubt, that he is honest and has integrity more so than almost anyone I know. I've had high blood pressure for a few years and have tried different drugs. Some would work, but would cause lots of negative problems for me. Then there were those that really didn't work and of course, i still had side effects.

    Sam was kind enough to send me a couple of his Blood Presser Optimizing supplement. Within 3 weeks, my blood pressure went from 160/110 down to 130/85. I'm shocked, but I'm not. 

    I'm surprised that it works so well, so quickly and I feel great. NOTHING bad has happened. Yet, I'm not surprised because I've taken 2-3 of his other products (CholesLO, Blood SUGAR and Alphaviril) and ALL have worked just as he said they would.

    If you're reading this and need to lower your blood pressure, take this product, it works! I take 4 pills daily instead of 3, so I want to be honest. My wife only needs 2 pills. I'm going to see what my levels are in a month because Sam wants them to be even lower. PLEASE trust this man, he's a dear friend of mine and honestly only cares about improving people's lives, like mine and hopefully yours.

    We love you Sam! <3

    PS - for proof and fo run, I wanted to post a screen shot of my text to him regarding my great results. 

    my text message to Dr. Sam

  • seems to be working

    I'm feeling better. My headaches are gone. My eyesight is better too. I'm doing my 3rd reorder.

  • passed my physical

    I needed to pass my physical for work (I'm a bus driver). My BP was too high. I didn't want to get fired. I did a search on gooogle, read some articles and some how i ran into dr. Sams Blood Pressure Optimizer. I immediately ordered it, used the product (I doubled the dosage) and thanks GOD I my passed my physical the next month after only 22 days of using this product.

    My BP was in a good range and the doctor was satisfied. I kept my job all because of this amazing product. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    This is very good news and we're glad to hear you are still employed. But please do not exceed the recommended dosage when you FIRST start a new product, certainly not doubling the dosage. You never know how your body reacts. But it looks like you had no problems, which is good. =)

  • 88 year old mom loves it

    My 88 year old Mom uses this product religiously every day and it works great on her very sensitive stomach and she gets excellent results. We are very grateful.

  • tri-factor

    I take all 3 of Dr. Sam's heart products ---- CholesLo for lowering my cholesterol. Blood FLOW Optimizer for improving blood flow and circulation and Blood PRESSURE Optimizer for my blood pressure. The end result is I am healthier now than I have been in over a decade. Dr. Sam's products and information has changed my life because it's made getting healthier SIMPLE. I'm no longer confused. I make the easy changes, I get results and I look and feel better. Case closed! - James.

  • better kidney

    I didn't know high blood pressure affect the kidneys so much. You Blood pressure optimizzer has improved my blood pressure but more importantly, my doctor said my kidney function has improved a lot and that's a really nice bonus. Thank you.

  • better and cheaper

    Dr. Sam's Blood pressure optimizer is a great value. I think people don't realize that I used to buy some of these ingredients separately and it was 3 different products and I still didn't get the same dosages. So its a good deal and really easy and convenient since its in one capsule. HOWEVER, I don't take them throughout the day. I take all 3 pills in the morning. Otherwise I know myself, I'll forget to take it later in the day. Either way, it still works and my blood pressure readings have been good the last 2 doctor visits. =)

  • I'm off 2 drugs, 1 more to go

    I have had high blood pressure for many years. I do need to lose weight, but when Dr. SAM stated in his videos and articles that genetics was a factor, i had an instant connection because it is in my family for sure.

    I've been on 3 separate hypertension drugs for 4 years. WIth the help of Dr. Robbins and Blood Pressure Optimizer and 2 other products he suggested, I'm now OFF 2 of the drugs and I'm taking only half the dose on the 3rd hypertension drug.

    what a gift this has been. I'm saving money, I feel so much better. I perform better too in the bedroom and my wife and I are doing much better. Thank you dr. Sam. GOD bless you.

  • my family takes it

    Both my brother, mom and myself take blood pressure optimizer. It really works. I take a higher dosage than my brother and mom, but at least I don't have to take drugs. YOu can't go wrong with a product that works for 3 people and you have proof of it. Nice going doc!!!!

  • growing head hair =))

    I just love your blood PRESSURE OPTIMIZER. I previously was on a BP hypertension meds that made my hair thin. When I ordered your BPO, I was happy to find out that not only did it keep my bp in control but, my hair greatly improved. It stopped shedding and it's getting thicker after 3 months. LOVE IT!

  • feel better now than in years

    I heard you in an interview Dr. Sam. Maybe a podcast? I don't remember. Tim Ferris? I then started taking your Blood Pressure Optimizer along with a few your Blood Flow Optimizer. I went from feeling bad, no energy to working out and feeling great. My blood pressure is in control now and I feel better now at 51 than I have in years. Thank you for all you do!

  • 5 stars

    Dear creators (I assume it's Dr. Sam Robbins?) of this great remedy. This is truly great I was taking three pills for my Blood Pressure. i cut one off, and ready to cut off the other one. BPO really works. In a world full of crappy products and salesy tactics, this one is the real deal and so is DR SAM!

  • I feel better and younger than in years

    Dr Sam - thank you for all that you do. I had been reading your articles, seeing your videos and all of your information was easy to understand and it always made sense. I started takeing your BLOOD PRESSURE OPTIMIZER and also added in extra Vitamin C and E. Its been now 7 weeks and I went from feeling bad, no energy to feeling great and young. My blood pressure is in control now and I feel better now at 58 than I have in over 10 years. I had no idea my hypertension was aging me so much. God bless you.

  • excellent

    my levels were only slightly elevated. With blood pressure optimizer, my levels are now "optimized" and in a good range!

  • my mom and i love it

    my mom didn't do well with the BP medications and I certainly didn't want to start on them. She responded so well to Blood Pressure Optimizer that I am now also taking it. Good stuff. <3

  • 9 months and still going strong

    I've been meaning to give feedback on blood pressure optimizer for a few months, but i never got around to it. I just want to say that my numbers have been great ever since I starting taking BPO by Dr. Sam Robbins. The improvement was gradual and now its been stable for 9 solid months. Time to put in another order =)

  • great!

    This supplement has help keep my blood pressure under control so I do not have to be on bp mediciation.

  • good after 2 weeks

    I have only been taking this supplement for about two weeks. My BP have decreased significantly. Given enough time I'm sure I will also be referring other people to use blood pressure optimizer. But I first want to make sure. I have 2 more months supply and I expect by that time my BP should be even lower. So check back at a later date for an update. So far so good.

  • easy and it works

    This is a great product for blood pressure control. Easy to take capsules also.

  • BPO makes me feel good

    Hi I am really very happy with the way I feel taking this product, Dr. Robbins has created some wonderful products for our health. I'm currently taking Blood Pressure Optimizer, Choleslo and Blood FLOW Optimizer. This is the healthiest my heart has been in over a decade.

  • blood pressure optimizer

    I've been using this for about a month and to my surprise, I already see it working. I FEEL it. I'm order 3 more bottles today. Such a better choice than prescription meds. Thank goodness for it.

  • easy

    Dr Sam's products and BPO makes it easy to keep BP in a healthy zone and my heart working optimially. It and his other products really work.

  • it works

    BPO absolutely works. I literally feel less pressure, especially in my head and neck. I can't wait to see my doctor to see the improvements. Thank you.

  • felt better than other BP supplements

    I've tried a couple other similar products, also formulate by doctors. But for whatever reason, Blood Pressure optimizer just works better and more importantly i feel better. Since then Ive tried other products by Dr. Sammy and have also gotten good results, so i'm sticking with HFL products from now on.

  • easier to exercise

    My doctor said i have hypertension, but I didn't awnt to take any medications. My brother used one and he was not happy. I've been now using Blood pressure optimizer and I don't have any readings yet, since I need to go to my doctor. But FOR SURE i have more energy and can exercise harder and longer. So, I think it must be working.

  • really, really good results so far - totally shocked

    My blood pressure readings have typically fluctated between 150/100 to as high as 170/120. I do eat well and have lost some weight, which has helped. But I REFUSE to take the medications because of the problems they caused my sister.

    I have now been taking Dr. Sams blood pressure optimizer for almost 4 months and today I had a physical and can you believe it, my BP reading was 115/70!!! I was so surprised and so was the doctor. I mean, WOW. This really works. I'm now even more motivated to improve my diet and really stay on top of everything. Tahnks Doc.

  • the best on the market

    I've done my research and BPO is the best on the market. I contains the top 6 ingredients specific for blood pressure and arterial health.

    Magnesium Blend = 250 mgs
    English Hawthorne Berry Extracts = 900 mgs
    MegaNatural Grape Seed Extract = 300 mgs
    Celery Seed Extract = 300 mgs
    Pomegranate Extract = 200 mgs
    L-Arginine = 300 mgs

    I spent many weeks researching and comparing. I went to so many message boards. Over and over again Dr. Sam's name came up and Blood Pressure Optimizer was the clear winner. I've struggled with hypertension for many years. I don't smoke, my diet is pretty good and still, ONLY BPO has worked this well.

    The only negative is that I wish it was at a lower price. I'm not rich so this can get expensive. However, i've reduced my other supplements so i can afford this and i think in the long run i'm saving money now - lol.

    We appreciate the detailed overview and yes, Dr. Sam put in a lot of time, effort and money constructing the BEST "all-in-one" solution. Thank you for your loyalty.

  • better BP and more hair too =))))

    I just love your BPO! I previously was on a bp med that made my hair thin and I felt sick. My doctor changed to another drug, that was even worse. I saw Dr Robbins on a TV interview i think and then I ordered Blood pressure optimizer. I was happy to find out that not only did it keep my bp in control but, my hair greatly improved. It's becoming denser again. my confidence is coming back. =)