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  • another winner

    I start by saying all of HFL products work amazingly. Blood flow optimiser has improved my cardiac output by way of aerobic fitness, an increase in erection power, and an improvement in eyesight. 

    I also take Alpha Viral, Cholesterol Optimiser, Brain and Body, and Deep Sleep. 

    I am 51 this month but feel and perform as I did when I was 24. I cannot recommend any pharmaceutical or illicit drugs, that could even come close to these products. 

    I've recommended HFL product to anyone and everyone, as so many people are disillusioned by pharmaceuticals, and scam supplements on the market. The truth hurts.

    Peter Whiten

  • my blue veins have disappeared

    I am 71yrs old. The spider veins in my ankles and backs of my knees have disappeared. I have not had headaches or sinus congestion since taking this product. My hands were showing the old persons "blue veins" and they have disappeared. I weight train three times a week and finish each workout less exhausted. I plan to stay on this product. If I could solve the loose skin issue , that would be great. 

  • excellent combination with AV
    I started using AlphaViril for improving my testosterone levels and erection. ITS been 3 months of use. I then re-ordered and this second time I also bought Blood FLOW optimizer. WOW, the combination is excellent. They work better together, just like Doctor RObbins said. I'm using it for better erections. However, I've noticed my brain seems to be functioning better as well. I'm also a little bit warmer. Anyway, two excellent products and the combination together is super excellent
  • very, very happy

    Hi Dr. Sam thank you again for your email so much good information you have share with me.

    I am using your product Blood flow Optimizer under two weeks now and what a great improvement to my health I am noticing.

    I am getting so much harder eriction all the time now like I was in my 20 without me thinking about any sexual taught. I am more responsive and flexible. 

    I am also taking Alphaviril I have seen and feel so great changes in my body.

    Thank you for these two great products that have done so much for me in a short time.

    Blood flow Optimizer and Alphaviril.

    So I can imagine as I keep thinking these two products as time goes on how my health will improve more within and outward appearance and mentally and physically.

    Thanks again 


  • fixed my smoking and arteries in 3 days

    Bingo! The product works. I do smoke but after 3 days the blood flow optimozer has removed plaque in my arteries. I swam 6 laps with no breathing problems it is amazing.
    I'm already using it with Alpha viril which has already given me on demand erections do not post my full name or email adress. After 15 years of trying all that junk your product is the real deal.

    In addition I am on the carnivore diet and I also take 3 grams of DAA every day.

    May Almighty Allah bless you all.

  • full approval from a combat vet and navy seal!!!

    my good doctor Sam, you have turned my life around in about 4 Weeks just by my taking your ‘Blood Flow Optimizer, Alpha Viril. I have gone fro 307 lbs in Jan 2018 to now (April, 2018  252 lbs—4 Months I lost 57 lbs;  my mind is clear & sharp;  I get all the sleep I need in 4-6 hours(night time 3-4 hours + occasions mid-Day nap for 1-Hour)

    Please feel free to use my testimonial as you like 

    Personal history:

    I am 71 years old-But people ask me regularly I I’m 50-60

    I have a 28 year old girlfriend 

    I am disabled combat vet. . Ex-Special Forces( UDT. . underwater Demolution

    Now known as NAVY SEALS,

    Please advise me about other  special Dr Robbins ‘Supplementation  in addition to Blood Flow Optimizer &.Alpha Viril. I trust you completely. You've never failed me. You have integrity which is so lacking in today's society.

    I've re-ordered 3x and I'm going to stock up today after I post thiss

  • it's blown my mind

    Your Blood Pressure Optimizer has blown my mind. I can't believe how good, and how fast this stuff works. My blood pressure and pulse are absolutely perfect. I will be getting off of my Lisinopril ASAP. Doesn't look like I will need anything from my doctor anymore. You should make a pill for as many ailments as you can. Arthritis, joint pain, etc... I am a true believer in your work and products. What an absolutely amazing product, that does exactly what is says it will do. My mind is clearer now as well. I don't know how to explain it. It's magic
    Thank you!!!!

  • Nave Seals VET

    I have been a customer & fan for about 2-Months.  My life has been turned around! ! Your ‘Blood Flow Optimizer & Alpha Viril have lowered my blood pressure; cleared my head; much better circulation & amplified my sex-Drive!!!

    I am Ex-US Navy ‘UDT . Under water Demolition . . Now known as Navy Seals!  I am 71 . . But people ask me if I’m 59 ?!

    My girlfriend told me it’s the first time she ever had 5 ORGASMS!

    You are welcome to use my ‘Testimonial any way you like. If it will help others to listen to you & help your business and more importantly, IMPROVE THEIR LIVES like you and your products have improved mine.

    I like people that help and you're one of these special people. Thank you

    Be well & PROSPER

    blood flow optimizer

  • I have circulation now since age 5

    Dr Sam! I've been using AlphaViril long term because it's absolutely amazing. Anyone who has any doubt, forget it about it. Get it, try it and get your "mojo" back, LOL

    Because alphaViril worked so well, I also bought my dad Blood FLOW Optimizer and hope to get him off medication. I bought him 3 bottles, since it was a better deal. I then tried some myself a month later because my dad had positive results. And I couldn't believe it....I felt tingling and circulation in my feet and fongers I haven't felt since I was about 5.... and I'm 32......

    So next, I got my dad Blood PRESSURE optimizer because of his hypertension. His medication is giving him a lot of problems. In 3 weeks he lowered his blood pressure, amazing! I mean, it still has a little more to go, but with your product it's been around 130/80 and we want to bring it down to 120/75. I can't wait for the ongoing improvements.

    .You're products are truly life/health altering..... my dad's actually a radiographer and works with doctors will and it's crazy how they won't say anything bad about it (cause they can't) but they just don't care. I tell everybody though.


  • everyone should read this

    Dr. Sam you have my permission to use all or part of what I am sending you that may be helpful to someone else in my condition.


    I am a male 86 years old 5' 6" and weigh 156 pounds. Several years back I started having problems running out of breath and having chest pains at that time they did a nuclear scan and said that I was not in terribly bad shape. But as time progressed walking from my boat to the car approximately 85 steps it got to where I had angina and arm pain even when I stopped halfway and rested a while so I finally decided to let him do a heart cath and found 80 to 99% blockage. 

    Of course the first thing they wanted to do was open heart I turned that down, Next they wanted to put stints in one at a the time a couple weeks apart due to other health problems and I stated that I was going to take a little time to decide.

     I started searching for information on cholesterol lowering drugs and at this time I found your site showing CholesLo and Blood flow optimize after reading your information I ordered your products and started on it as I finished up on vinegar mix. In 90 days worth of use (3 bottles of each), my cholesterol has improved dramatically. I also feel better circulation in my feet and legs. Thus, BOTH of your products have worked as you've stated.

    Even though I'm an older man, I do not consider myself OLD. I decided to next try Alpha Viral. Within the first week, I've FELT my libido and erections improve and this is at half the dose. I wanted to start low, as your bottle has instructed. My energy levels have also gone up. The only negative is I have a faster heart rate, but my blood pressure is NOT elevated. So, that's good. A small price to pay for better erections, energy and libido.

    This means that you are 3 for 3. Three great products you've made have worked excactly as you've stated. Even better than I had hoped for. My sincere gratitude for your work and for giving hope to an "older" man. Thank you

    I am also including a list of my medications and possibly you could suggest removing some or adding something else that could benefit me. And possibly my stomach as it bothers me some of the time. By the way I stopped taking the aspirin because of one of your articles from the British medical Journal. Thank you very much.


    2 Blood Flow Optimizer  - better circulation
    3  Alpha Viril   -  Energy % Testestrone  
    3 CholesLo - improving lipids
    1 Bicalutamide 50mg To lower PSA
    1   Atorvastatin  10mg   Cholesterol  (I've lowered the dose in half since CholesLo)                           
    1 Isosorbide mn  er 60mg Hart  Morning
    2   Furosemide 40 mg  Water                                   
     2    Klor-comm10mg Potasium    
    1   D3 2000 IU
    1    Mago7 Colon Cleanse Good 
    1   Levothyroxine 112mcg  Thytoid        
    1  Liothyronine 25 mg Help with T 4
    2  Cranberry 12600 mg Kidney support 
    1 Eliquis 2.5 mg Blood Thinner (cut in half since Blood Flow Optimizer)       
    1 Skate liver oil  help clear blockage
    2 CQ10 100 mg  Help Hart
    1  Lecitain 1200mg Help hart
    1  Apple Cider Vinegar 500mg 

    PS  I have  passing along your web site to friends!

     Yours Truly,


  • better finger tips sensations
    I used to get numbing in my fingers. I don't know why. Doctor said everything is fine. I can only assume there's a circulationn problem some where. I've used Blood FLOW OPtimizer for 2 months and I definitely have less numbing and I have pinker finger nails, which I'm guessing means better blood flow. So, I'm happy.
  • I give it to my patients

    As an elder, I've taken Nattokinase separately to help assure a continuous blood flow in my heart and arteries for many years. Now Dr. Robbins/HFL has combined this with other facilitating elements all in one easy to take capsule to both help keep arteries clear and blood flowing: Blood Flow Optimizer really works and I tell this to all my patients. That's the first thing I take every morning, before any other supplements or breakfast.

  • it works

    I take it on a regular basis and have found that it keeps my blood flowing as expected and required for my health related problem, with no side effects

  • thins my blood

    i use this product to thin my blood and it really does the job. In addition I believe it lowers my blood pressure as well. Thank you for a wonderful product!

  • i won't got without

    After surgery, I developed blood clots in both legs making recovery tremendously slow. I had a vein filter surgically inserted in my veins, still I needed to keep my blood thin. After taking coumadin for years, I was switched to low-dose aspirin, which I was allergic to. Then I wasn't taking anything. At first I thought Dr. Robbins formula for blood thinning was using the much feared "soy." However, I learned because it is fermented, it's not the feared kind and got a couple of bottles. Now I can't be without it. I don't have as many dark spots on my legs and my legs don't cramp nearly as much. I can't do without the formula. I just wish it would curb my appetite. =)

  • great company

    amazing company, great doctor. I have taken many of HFL's products and this combined with choleslo are my favorites. I KNOW my heart is in great shape because of it. Improved cholesterol, BP and lots more energy.

  • no more plavix

    I care for my 89 yr. old Mom. The Doctors had her on prescribed "Plavix" for years to thin her blood which was making her sick and producing black & blue clots all over her body, until I took her off of it and replaced it with BLOOD FLOW OPTIMIZER which is more healthy, no side effects and no black & blue marks. Mom is thriving on this product and feeling much better. Thx Dr sam!

  • so many benefits

    My varicose veins are less protruding and no more itching and numbness... my hubby and i are both sleeping better, breathing better and feeling better.. feel more youthful even though we are in our late 50's.. very happy with this product..

  • i take it nightly

    have been taking this product for some time now and I believe it has given me additional years of life. I had chest pains or twinges until I started taking Advanced Artery Solutions. Since then, I haven't had any discomfort associated with my heart. I won't be caught again without it in my medicine cabinet. I do not take any Statin drugs because of the potential harmful side effects they may cause. I take CholesLo instead of statins. And I take Blood flow optimizer every night, 3 pills.

  • works for a long time

    I've taken Blood Flow OPtimizer three times for 3 months during the past couple of years. It gets rid of the numbness and tingling in my arm and coldness in my hands. The benefits last for a long time.Great product that is reasonably priced.

  • no more pain and i've lost weight too =)

    I love this product. It is a simple way to improve my heart heath. I no longer have pain when I run. I am able to exercise. And because I am able to exercise I have lost 4 pounds so far this month. I feel so much better and I am able to climb 3 flights of stairs every day

  • zero blockages

    My husband has been taking the BFO for a couple years now. He was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure and had to have a catheterization done. They found NO BLOCKAGES in the arteries. We attribute this good report to this product. We will keep using it for sure. Many thanks!

  • good

    I take it daily to remove build up junk in my arteries and it seems to be doing it's job so far.

  • helped in many ways

    I discovered this product a couple years ago. Not only has it help with my overall heart health...circulation, cholesterol levels, blood pressure...it has been instrumental in my recovery from Lyme disease by removing excess metals...which the bacteria use to evade the immune system. Likewise, it has also helped remove excess fibrin that causes so many patients heart complications. I can only afford it when it's on sale but it's an amazing product. Give it at least 3 - 6 months to get an accurate assessment.

  • good so far

    Excellent product, working great so far. It's been 7 weeks

  • blood flow + alphaviril = fantastic

    Dear Dr Robbins - I dont know if you will see this email, I'm sure you have so many clients trying to contact you. I just wanted to express my delight with the alfaviral product as well as the blood flow optimizer they are both amazingly affective.  I purchased them both many months to clear my issues I was having in the bed room and my experience was more than satisfying. Plus I feel more lively and energetic about life. I just wanted to commend you on a excellent job in formulating a product that you can trust and rely on.

  • less spider veins and pressure is lower

    Good morning!

    I just wanted to share with you how much I love the bloodflow product.  Not that I have high blood pressure or suffer from hypertension, but I have consistently for years held a blood pressure measure of no more than 100 over 70.  In the past 4 years my blood pressure was creeping up to 118/90 which I took as a sign that something was not functioning properly.  I was also developing more spider veins and edema in my lower extremities.  Since taking the blood flow product, starting in mid-July (it's been 2 months only) my blood pressure measurements have returned to normal and the spider veins are minimizing.

    Thank you for developing this formula.


  • less pain in 17 days

    Dr I want to say that the blood flow optimizer does work, the pain in my lower legs have going down with your product in ess than 3 weeks, this is very amazing to me. I am glad I bought it. You have given me freedom to work with almost no pain. thank you 

  • it fixed 50 years of smoking

    You never cease to excite me with your natural formulas.

    I have been half dead from smoking a pack of ciggies for 50 years while handling an Accounting job in the Aerospace Industry.

    600 Angina Attacks a month were not fun.

    Since taking your CholesLo and Blood Flow Optimizer Tabs, it has been reduced by 50%. 

    Your Energy pills are also very impressive. I no longer feel like falling into bed and taking a four hour nap each day. I feel so much younger in just a few days.

    I would like to request a list of all of your products because I think that they are superior to the dangerous drugs that the Big Pharma business is pushing and would love to feel young again.

    Your devoted fan, Fran

     P.S.  The ProVanax is wonderful for a good night's rest with no side effects, whatsoever. God Bless you for being here on the WWW! Your mother must be very product of her perfect son!

    blood flow optimizer has worked well for me. My husband and I have tried other "circulation" products, this has the best ingredient profile and so far, the results are much better. We are especially happy they are using vegetable based capsules, considering we are vegans. Thank you.
  • better eyesight

    My eyesight has improved, my thinking, ability to concentrate and stay focused has improved.

  • regular user

    After being told I needed a triple by-pass because of blockages in my arteries, I found an article by Dr. Robbins. It made more sense than the by-pass. I started taking Blood Flow Optimizer and CholesLo. After 7 months I did the Nuclear Tread Mill.

    The cardiolist said I had a small amount of build up but that was normal for my age(65 at the time). I have continued taking the formula for the past 1+ year. Better cholesterol and stronger heart. I'm very satisfied with the results of these products.

  • a good buy

    I take 4 caps daily. Sometimes all at once in the morning or 2, 2x daily. After about a month, I no longer have an irregular heart beat. No more stopping and going. This is a sign that something is improving. Strennous exercise is easier as well. Another good sign. I'm going to continue using it.

  • overall healthier and warmer

    After almost 2 bottles of use, I feel much loser and more flexible all over. I'm able to exercise more often now and in the process I've lost a little bit of weight. Not much, but what matters most is I do feel better and my hands and feet feel warmer.

    Sometimes they used to feel clammy. But now they are warm and nice to touch. Not embarrased when I shake someone's hand.

  • in only one week.

    We could tell a difference in so many ways after taking it for just one week, 2 pills daily with breakfast. Thought processes were clearer and energy was remarkable. Also my husband was experiencing some erectile dysfunction and that is a thing of the past.

  • no more blockage, its miracle

    A couple years ago I had 40% blockage of one of my cornary arteries. After 18 months of flow optimizer usage,with a repeat arteriagram, I had no blockage. It's a miracle. I take it daily 3 pills with breakfast

  • best results EVER!

    My husband take Dr. Robbins products for his heart, CholesLo and Blood Flow Optimizer. His cholesterol levels came down to their lowest point in two years! He was using a liquid fish oil supplement with good results but stopped that and tried CholesLo and Blood Flow Optimizer for four months and saw his best results ever! He has more energy, better pressure, and his performance in bed has improved I can only assume because of the better blood flow. THANK YOU!

  • better than a drug

    I'd rather take a natural blood thinner over an Aspirin a day. I even have my GP inquiring about it, it's that good

  • satisfied

    it works, i'm satisfied. thanks

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    I have high blood pressure, swollen lower legs, ankles, and feet, am on 4 different prescription med for the BP. I started taking Blood Flow Optimizer at 5-6 pills daily a little over a month ago.

    Results: I have cut prescription meds in half, much less swelling in lower legs, can actually see ankles again, and my feet look like feet again.

    Most of the numbness in feet, ankles, lower legs is gone, a redness with a rash like appearance in lower legs, ankles has been reduced -looking more normal, my energy level has increased, my blood pressure is holding in the good range, and I can stay on my feet much longer periods of time.

    I plan on staying on this product for at least 2 more months and hope for better and better results. I would like to get off the prescription meds totally(I don't like their side effects). Then I will lower the dose to 3-4 daily

  • better than warfarin

    Blood Flow Optimizer has allowed me at 31 to get off Warfarin I take due to my blood-clotting disorder. I've found that the clot busting action of Nattokinase the main ingredient, has kept me clot-free without any other pharmaceutical drug, but also has made me feel better in general, have more energy, better circulation, and much better memory too! Get your blood flowing to where it needs to be! Thank you Dr. Sam and HFL!

  • i can't live without this product

    This product puts all the Big Pharma drugs to shame. NO side effects while giving the benefits of a blood thinner. I showed this product to our MD. and he wholeheartedly endorsed it! Even if he hadn't, I was determined to help my wife begin this product! I was using it for a few months and noticed how great it worked for me. Neither of us will ever be without this product!

  • a true miracle

    This worked very rapidly for me and I know your not supposed to claim its a medical miracle but for everyone its different but I do believe that this played a BIG ROLE in actually keeping me from the emergency room.

    I would Highly recommend this product to anyone with sluggish circulation and to people who do not get much exercise, although I do exercise daily i do take this and it has tremendous benefits.

  • great alternative to drugs

    I am very thankful that there are products like BLOOD FLOW OPTIMIZER available, allowing me to have a NATURAL alternative to the pharmaceutical drug option! My blood pressure is much better and so is my circulation in hands and feet! Recently my husband's blood pressure started going up and I told him about the blood Flow Optimizer and the Choleslo product (his LDL was high). He's been taking them ever since. Thank you for making these products available!! I want to get the word out to my friends that there ARE alternatives to drugs!

  • amazing results!!!

    I am writing this for my Mom. She is 75 and has had 3 strokes. Her blood pressure was consistently high 190/90. No medicines helped. Her sugar was high sometimes over 350 first thing in the morning, so she took insulin throughout the day. Doctors tried all they could but nothing brought the blood pressure down. Her tests showed that her arteries were 95% blocked which was another stroke waiting to happen. I saw this product and thought I would buy this for my mom.

    I bought here a 2 month supply with one free so she got a 3 month supply. After two months of taking the blood flow optimizer she said that she did not notice anything different, but one day she misplaced her blood flow optimizer and missed taking it for three days. That's when she realized how much better she felt on the product. She had no energy for those days and she found her product and went right back on. At about the third month her blood pressure stabilized at about 150/80.....which was a miracle.

    She went to her doctor for a check up and after her doctor saw her blood test results she asked "Ok what have you been doing? This is the best blood profile I have ever seen for you". So that was amazing and my mom shared about blood flow optimizer. SO, I bought her another 3 month supply that she just started this week. We are really happy with the results and are looking for more in the next 3 months.

    I think I will also add in choleslo and blood sugar optimizer as well, since i'm hopeful that these products will work just as well as Blood flow optimizer

  • I don't look beatup anymore =)

    I really hated taking Plavix and even aspirin.I bruised so easily. It was unsightly. Lots of black/blue marks. I told my doctor and he said that this is just how some people react to blood thinners. I lowered the dosage, still the same problem.

    I some how found out about Blood Flow Optimizer. I think it was on google. I read the article, watch the video and everything dr. Sam said made sense, so I gave the product a try. It's been 5 weeks and no more black marks on my legs and I have so much more energy. I feel younger. I don't know how Blood Flow optimizer compares to drugs, but I sure feel a lot healthier and I think that's a very good sign.

  • everyone should use it

    everyone should use it. It works.

  • better memory at 75!

    In my occupation I meet quite a few people on a daily basis. Because I have so many people I spend an entire day with I typically didn't attempt to learn their names. It didn't seem all that important since I was the one presenting. Still, I thought it would be nice to address each person by name if possible. Yet, how does one remember up to twenty names for a day? Since taking Blood Flow Optimizer along with More Natural Energy (both products by Dr. Sam) I can report that remembering names is easy for me. Is it because I am taking these products? I will tell you that after I started taking these 2 products, my memory skills have increased. So, there you have it.

    Amazing, isn't it?!! We've had a few people tell us their memory and cognition is better. Thanks for sharing

  • against doctor's orders

    I have taken this capsule once every day for more than 2 years. My heart doctor who put 2 medicated stents in my arteries told me that I have to take a blood thinner, for the rest of my life. He was quite shocked when I told him I have not taken any of his recommended blood thinners for more than 2 years. He then, insisted that I go for an MRI. I will be taking this test in Jan. I believe the Nattokinase is keeping all my arteries clear. I will let you know the results of the MRI when I go through the procedure in January.

    We are happy that you are feeling positive results. But, we don't believe it's a good idea to keep such important information away from your doctor, especially for 2 years and since you've also had surgery. At the end of the day, your doctor DOES want to help you =)

  • on monthly auto-ship

    it works, nothing else to say. I'm on monthly auto-ship and I never go without it.

  • For Your Arteries - YES!

    I have high blood pressure, swollen lower legs, ankles, and feet, am on 4 different prescription med for the BP. I started taking Blood Flow Optimizer along with CholesLo a little over a 2 months ago.

    Results: I have cut prescription meds in half, much less swelling in lower legs, can actually see ankles again, and my feet look like feet again.

    Most of the numbness in feet, ankles, lower legs is gone, a redness with a rash like appearance in lower legs, ankles has been reduced -looking more normal, my energy level has increased, my blood pressure is holding in the good range, and I can stay on my feet much longer periods of time.

    I plan on staying on these two products for at least 2 more months and hope for better and better results. I would like to get off the prescription meds totally(I don't like their side effects).

  • regular user

    I take one capsule a day at night and feel confident using this product because it has no side effects.

  • Everyone should take this

    I have been taking this for almost a year with no side effects. Not sure if it helps with blood pressure, but mine has been better since taking this.

  • a total skeptic no more

    I've been using this product for well over a year now and I feel fantastic! I eat what I want without ANY complications! I've gone from being the biggest skeptic to the biggest believer! This product really works!

  • feeling better

    I liked this product because I feel better. My circulation feels better. I take it in the morning and away I go.

  • only 1 pill needed

    my blood work results speak volumes for how well Blood flow opti helps me,..i take one pill in the morning

  • both my wife and I take it

    Great product. Using for one year now and i can fell big improvement in my health. Blood, cholesterol and general well being. My wife now takes Blood Flow Optimizer and some improvement in just 4 months. Highly recommend this product

  • natural roto rooter

    I have been using the aterial scrubbers for over a year now. I went for a life line screening where they conduct ultrasounnd screening from head to foot. I was clear from my carotids down to my ankles. I like the way Dr. Sam's product works like roto rooter to clean out all of your blood vessels throughout your body. It probably cleans out the plaque within my small vessels in my brain too. I plan on continuing to take this formula for life.

  • YES! ultrasound proved it really worked

    My Utrasound screening indicated clogged vessels over two years ago plus I had occassional shortness of breath. After long term regular daily use of three capsules per day for over a year, I redid my Ultrasound screening and I was clear from carotids down to my feet, I no longer have occassional shortness of breath. I also have better circulation in my legs and perform better during my gym workouts with less sweating. Lastly my mental performance and memory continues to be sharp as ever.

  • utterly amazing

    After having a doppler done, they found a blood clot behind my right knee. After taking BFO for two weeks, I was clot free AND pain free in that leg! This product WORKS!