• I Just Wanted to Say THANK YOU 🙏

    Dr. Robbins, 

    Greetings and Salutations, sir. I have tried SOOOOOO many male enhancement pills ðŸ’Š and potions over the years, to little to no avail. As someone who exercises (weight lifting and yoga ðŸ§˜â€â™€ï¸) regularly, at 47, I have struggled with ED over the last several years and really wanted to "get my mojo back."

    I came across your YouTube videos ðŸ“¹ last month, which led me to Alpha Viril. I decided to order it. It was one of the BEST decisions I've ever made.

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! To say that Alpha Viril (as well as your Blood FLOW Optimizer) works would be like saying that Michael Jordan was a good basketball player. I have more energy in my workouts, on my yoga mat, and talk about better erections and increased libido!?!?!?!?


    Let's just say I've got my mojo back! ðŸ˜
    You, sir, deserve a Nobel Prize! Thank you so much for your amazing products. You have rendered a tremendous service to your fellow... MAN! ðŸ˜ðŸ‘ðŸ’¯ðŸ‘Š

    Warmest Regards,

    Dutch â™¥ 

  • prostate and PSA scores
    I'm so surprised that my PSA scores were improved ever since I've been taking alphaviril. It was a 2.2 and now it's a 1.4. Honestly, i'm so shocked. Well, truth is my doctor was shocked, I was just surprised. I was more shocked that HE was shocked, LOL. He asked me about it and I gave him your website and youtube channel. Anyway, Alphaviril works, improved my hormones, mood and best of all, my prostate is so much healthier! =))
  • game changer for sure

    Honestly I've never left a review for something I've bought. I've been on anti depressants for a while and it destroyed my ability to have sex at the same time made me feel a lot better mentally.A tough trade off. I'm 35 so doctors assume my sexual problems are psychological rather than physical. I recently got so desperate I ordered Alphaviril online thinking it definitely wouldn't work. But it did! It worked the first time and every time I've taken it. As long as I take 1 or 2 the same day I'm trying to have sex it 100% works for me. The first week it upset my stomach a little, but now it doesn't. I'm blow away. It's worth at least a try if you're in my previous situation. 

  • doctor approved and endorsed

    I live in Las Vegas and since  I have been taking Blood Sugar Optimizer, my blood sugar level dropped from 99 to 80 and I went from being  pre diabetic to not at risk at all.  I take 2-4 Blood sugar Optimizers a day.  In addition, my mental state has been a lot sharper and my mood has been superb. I no longer take Vitamin D.

    I'm also taking your testosterone booster, AlphaViril which works like a charm. I've gotten all of the benefits, as advertised. I am recommending the product to all my male patients.  I would love to speak with you or meet you some day.  I am very impressed with your products.  

    I am the author of 2  books, 4 Step Process to Mental Illness by Dr. H V Smith and The Illness, Take Back your Mental State and I am about to release  The Quick Survival Guide to Mood Disorders and I will mention your products in this book.  

    Thank you.

    Dr. Hearley Smith.  

  • Navy Seals VET - 5 orgasms!!!

    I have been a customer & fan for about 2-Months.  My life has been turned around! ! Your ‘Blood Flow Optimizer & Alpha Viril have lowered my blood pressure; cleared my head; & amplified my sex-Drive!!!

    I am Ex-US Navy ‘UDT . Under water Demolition . . Now known as Navy Seals!  I am 71 . . But people ask me if I’m 59 ?!

    My girlfriend told me it’s the first time she ever had 5 ORGASMS!

    You are welcome to use my ‘Testimonial any way you like. If it will help others to listen to you & help your business and more importantly, IMPROVE THEIR LIVES like you and your products have improved mine.

    I like people that help and you're one of these special people. Thank you

    Be well & PROSPER

    AlphaViril Review

  • normal testoterone levels in one month!

    Dr. Sam, 

    Good evening and thank you very much for your prompt replies to me on Facebook and at youtube. You obviously work very hard and care about people to keep helping for free! 

     I wanted to let you know that I have been following your videos for almost a year and I have nothing but great things to say about every topic I watched. 

     I decided to follow your channel because I was suffering with hormonal imbalance and consequently sexual dysfunction which I have been fighting intensively (with help of local endocrinologists) for the last three years. 

     You videos and a particular product have helped me put my hormones in balance. Alpha Viril along with vital information from your videos definitely normalized my T levels up in less than a month. I will do my next blood test in 6 months. However, I feel much better and I'm hopeful with longer use of Alpha VIRIL my hormones will continue to improve (God willing) 

     Thanks again for your time and attention on this!!! 

     Very respectfully 


  • long term user

    Dr Sam! I've been using AlphaViril long term because it's absolutely amazing. Anyone who has any doubt, forget it about it. Get it, try it and get your "mojo" back, LOL

    Because alphaViril worked so well, I also bought my dad Blood FLOW Optimizer and hope to get him off medication. I bought him 3 bottles, since it was a better deal. I then tried some myself a month later because my dad had positive results. And I couldn't believe it....I felt tingling and circulation in my feet and fongers I haven't felt since I was about 5.... and I'm 32......

    So next, I got my dad Blood PRESSURE optimizer because of his hypertension. His medication is giving him a lot of problems. In 3 weeks he lowered his blood pressure, amazing! I mean, it still has a little more to go, but with your product it's been around 130/80 and we want to bring it down to 120/75. I can't wait for the ongoing improvements.

    .You're products are truly life/health altering..... my dad's actually a radiographer and works with doctors will and it's crazy how they won't say anything bad about it (cause they can't) but they just don't care. I tell everybody though.


  • everyone should read this

    Dr. Sam you have my permission to use all or part of what I am sending you that may be helpful to someone else in my condition.


    I am a male 86 years old 5' 6" and weigh 156 pounds. Several years back I started having problems running out of breath and having chest pains at that time they did a nuclear scan and said that I was not in terribly bad shape. But as time progressed walking from my boat to the car approximately 85 steps it got to where I had angina and arm pain even when I stopped halfway and rested a while so I finally decided to let him do a heart cath and found 80 to 99% blockage. 

    Of course the first thing they wanted to do was open heart I turned that down, Next they wanted to put stints in one at a the time a couple weeks apart due to other health problems and I stated that I was going to take a little time to decide.

     I started searching for information on cholesterol lowering drugs and at this time I found your site showing CholesLo and Blood flow optimize after reading your information I ordered your products and started on it as I finished up on vinegar mix. In 90 days worth of use (3 bottles of each), my cholesterol has improved dramatically. I also feel better circulation in my feet and legs. Thus, BOTH of your products have worked as you've stated.

    Even though I'm an older man, I do not consider myself OLD. I decided to next try Alpha Viral. Within the first week, I've FELT my libido and erections improve and this is at half the dose. I wanted to start low, as your bottle has instructed. My energy levels have also gone up. The only negative is I have a faster heart rate, but my blood pressure is NOT elevated. So, that's good. A small price to pay for better erections, energy and libido.

    This means that you are 3 for 3. Three great products you've made have worked excactly as you've stated. Even better than I had hoped for. My sincere gratitude for your work and for giving hope to an "older" man. Thank you

    I am also including a list of my medications and possibly you could suggest removing some or adding something else that could benefit me. And possibly my stomach as it bothers me some of the time. By the way I stopped taking the aspirin because of one of your articles from the British medical Journal. Thank you very much.


    2 Blood Flow Optimizer  - better circulation
    3  Alpha Viril   -  Energy % Testestrone  
    3 CholesLo - improving lipids
    1 Bicalutamide 50mg To lower PSA
    1   Atorvastatin  10mg   Cholesterol  (I've lowered the dose in half since CholesLo)                           
    1 Isosorbide mn  er 60mg Hart  Morning
    2   Furosemide 40 mg  Water                                   
     2    Klor-comm10mg Potasium    
    1   D3 2000 IU
    1    Mago7 Colon Cleanse Good 
    1   Levothyroxine 112mcg  Thytoid        
    1  Liothyronine 25 mg Help with T 4
    2  Cranberry 12600 mg Kidney support 
    1 Eliquis 2.5 mg Blood Thinner (cut in half since Blood Flow Optimizer)       
    1 Skate liver oil  help clear blockage
    2 CQ10 100 mg  Help Hart
    1  Lecitain 1200mg Help hart
    1  Apple Cider Vinegar 500mg 

    PS  I have  passing along your web site to friends!

     Yours Truly,


  • Works much better than the competition!

    I am extremely happy with Alpha Viril! I watched Dr Sams videos and followed them as instructed, I eat well, I exercise and I get my 7 hours minimum of sleep. Just as Dr Sam said, my morning stiffies are back, my energy levels rose, and my libido has definitely improved! 

    I recommend Alpha Viril to anyone in their 40s, it worked wonders for me! 

    I also took a break from AV, and tried Nugenix for 1 month and honestly, I didnt feel any difference. My libido dropped, and my energy levels remained low. I immediately threw the Nugenix bottle in the trash. 

    I am sooooo happy for Alpha Viril and Blood flow optimizer, they have worked tremendously for me and I dont care to try anything else! Thanks Dr Sam, you are a man saver! 

  • fantastic product; 80 years young!

    I have been using AlphaViril for over a year plus and it is wonderful. I will be 80 years young in October and I exercise and eat a good diet but at my age it’s hard to gain muscle mass. but using AlphaViril I have maintained muscle mass plus increasing muscle size, it works for me. I love it. It's given me extra life and that's priceless at my age. 

  • total scam

    So many of these 'test boosters" are total scams. I've tried at least 8-10 of them. My neighbor told me about AlphaViril and I told him "this is another scam product, don't waste your money". He said "it's not, trust me" and gave me a free bottle of his. So, I had nothing to lose

    Well, he was right, it's NOT a scam product. It relly does work. I don't have blood test for proof, but my libido, drive, most, energy and happiness is so much better and higher. I'm SHOCKED. 

    But after reading the website, the formula and how it's made by a hormone doctor, it all made sense. Thank you for giving me home Dr. Robbins.

  • raised my testosterone by almost 300 pts

    I'm a former physician and now retired, age 71. I looked for many products to see if they had clinical studies, blood tests for the reviews or anything to show real medical evidence. I found NON, except for Dr. Robbins' AlphaViril. I was actually very surprised with all the data.

    So, I'm posting this in hopes of helping other older men like myself.

    May 2018, my testosterone was 254 - very low.

    I changed my diet and did HIT training.

    Nov 2018, my testosterone was 307 - still low. I was hoping there would be a larger increase.

    Feb 2019 I start AlphaViril at 2 pills daily for 2 weeks, then 3 pills daily.

    May 2019, my testosterone is 472. WOW, big improvement. Only change was AlphaViril

    I take 2 weeks off and start with 4 pills daily

    Nov 2019, my testosterone is 541. It continued to increase. I was actually hoping for more. But, at my age, this is very good.

    SUMMARY: AlphaViril really works. This was my only change during this year. My libido, energy and strength are all up.

    From one doctor to another, thank you!

  • woman's feedback

    I originally got Alphaviril for my husband and it worked REALLY well. Everything with him improved. His sex drive obviously, but also his energy and best of all, his mood. He was much happier and more positive.

    I was really happy, but I was also in need of better testosterone levels. My levels were so low, that it almost didnt' register on the blood test. I didn't see any reviews by women, but I did notice a "female cycle". So I gave it a try. Just one pill to start.

    my results were similar, but not as pronounced. Much more energy and libido has increased. THIS made me happy and we are more aligned now. I'm pleasantly surprised with the results.

  • been using DK for 5+ years
    After 5+ years of Uusing Perfect Vitamin DK, I finally decided to leave a review. All I can say is it works better than other D products and D+K products. I actually take 3-4 other HFL products, all work as stated, this one too.
  • raised my testosterone by almost 300 pts

    I'm a former physician and now retired, age 71. I looked for many products to see if they had clinical studies, blood tests for the reviews or anything to show real medical evidence. I found NON, except for Dr. Robbins' AlphaViril. I was actually very surprised with all the data.

    So, I'm posting this in hopes of helping other older men like myself.

    May 2018, my testosterone was 254 - very low.

    I changed my diet and did HIT training.

    Nov 2018, my testosterone was 307 - still low. I was hoping there would be a larger increase.

    Feb 2019 I start AlphaViril at 2 pills daily for 2 weeks, then 3 pills daily.

    May 2019, my testosterone is 472. WOW, big improvement. Only change was AlphaViril

    I take 2 weeks off and start with 4 pills daily

    Nov 2019, my testosterone is 541. It continued to increase. I was actually hoping for more. But, at my age, this is very good.

    SUMMARY: AlphaViril really works. This was my only change during this year. My libido, energy and strength are all up.

    From one doctor to another, thank you!

  • potent

    I've used herbs for many years and familiar with their uses. What I noticed with Alpha Viral is that it is very potent per amount of product (I'm assuming it is because of the extract nature of some ingredients). So instead of having to take larger quantities of herbs mixed together, including the time needed to spend in preparing them - Alpha Viral allows me to get the same effect with much less volume and time - saving me shelf and kitchen space too. But it's not just because of the extraction. I think this product has a good synergistic balance of different compounds which is very important, more so than any single ingredient could ever be. Because I was so impressed with the formula I was immediately drawn to try other products by HFL as well.

  • excellent

    I just want to say that i have started consuming AlphaViral and it feels great. My body responds great and i am more active than ever. Also i am more energized in Gym. Thank you for your guidance and love your support. I have seen one of your video in which you describe how you consume alphaviral for the gym. It's worked well for my muscles, especially pumps. And yes, my sexual drive is back to my younger years. God Bless you!

  • truly surprised

    I have been using the Alpha Viril, It’s been extremely effective I am truly surprised as I thought it would be like the hundreds of tablets I have taken over the years to correct my situation and yet none of them worked. But, your product did and I'm so very happy and excited. Thank you

  • An IMPORTANT woman's point of view

    I'm certain people reading this or at this website are NOT females. But, I hope even the guys reading this will see things from a woman's point of view. I purchased AlphaVIRIL for my husband, but I lied to him. He has been very "blah" for the past few years. Not as driven. Maybe depressed. Not as motivated to go to the gym and sexually, he never initiates anymore and when I try, he can't seem to perform, which is probably making him more hesitant.

    I don't know if it's stress, life, his hormones or maybe it's ME and he's not attracted to me anymore? I was worried and so, I purchased AlphaViril only because I've been using Dr. Robbin's Lean Optimizer (weight loss) and ProVanax (anxiety/mood) supplements for many years.

    I told my husband that I got AlphaViril for free, since I regularly buy these products. I told him it'll help him with this workouts and the gym and playing basketball. I DID NOT mention "sex drive" or erection issues.

    He didn't even open the bottle for a week, so I then just hand him 2 pills in the morning with his other vitamins. Within a few days, there was a big change. His mood and energy was much better. BUT, the best part was that he was so much more affection and sexual with me. He wanted it and when we had sex, it was like the beginning of our marriage. He was confident, IN the moment and soooooo good.  

    AlphaViril has made BOTH of us happy. So if you don't do it for yourself, do it for your wife and relationship. Try it because it won't take weeks to feel results, it happened quickly with my husband and hopefully for you too.

  • results say it all

    I tried a lot of pills to help get me the “results” I am looking for, but with no success until I tried AlphaViril. It is literally the best product, hands down, to achieving the “results” you’re looking for. Give it a try and you’ll be glad you did. 

  • good

    AlphaViril is a good product. I played around with the cycle times and I seem to feel better with 3 days off during the week. Libido not as strong as the first months of use but everything else working REALLY good. Need to be careful about taking late in the day to get some sleep. 

  • TRT + AlphaViril = AWESOME

    This is going to sound weird, but I've been on Testosterone replacement therapy for about 4 years. At first, it was amazing. I felt years younger. But the past couple of years, things feel like they're going backwards a bit. I guess my body has adapted or something. my doctor won't increase my dose, since my levels are good.

    However, I decided to try ALPHAVIRIL because I've had such great results with Dr. Sam's cholesterol lowering supplement. And I'll tell you what, when I added Alpha + my weekly testosteone shots = it was like JET FUEL!!! 

    It's been a year and I'm still on fire. It's the perfect combination. I'm "on", I'm driven. I'm rock hard and feelin great all the time.

  • I'm 80 years old and love it!

    Outside of thye reaction I get from the yohimbee, this stuff is great. I couldn't believe the reaction of my Johnson....all the sudden it was rising from the died. I'm hoping it will help increase my energy level more, but in my 80th year I guess I should be happy to just be here. 

  • more confidence, I use it daily

    great product and now a staple part of my life. it really works and has given me enormous enjoyment and confidence

  • Alpha virl keeps me running with the big dogs!

    I like this product alot, I think I will be a lifetime user. 

  • much better workouts

    It is dramatically increased my workout it's taking me a month to get to being able to take two in the morning and one at night without my heart beating too hard. My libido is much higher. Im hopefull to see some even better results within the next month or so. 

  • no longer a skeptic for 50+ year old

    Was skeptical of this since I have tried other T BOOSTERS and pills which did not do anything or very little. After about  2 weeks I can tell a difference in my desires. Wife loves it too. I am in my upper 50's and find I wake up to a nice erection, like I used to years ago. I started off slow, taking one pill a day for 3 days, 2 pills daily for 3 days and starting the second week, I was taking 3-4 daily and then it hit me - wow! It feels good to have some stamina again - both at the gym and in the bedroom.

  • alphaviril + blood flow = fantastic

    Dear Dr Robbins - I dont know if you will see this email, I'm sure you have so many clients trying to contact you. I just wanted to express my delight with the alfaviral product as well as the blood flow optimizer they are both amazingly affective.  I purchased them both many months to clear my issues I was having in the bed room and my experience was more than satisfying. Plus I feel more lively and energetic about life. I just wanted to comend you on a excellent job in formulating a product that you can trust and rely on.

  • alphaviril + blood flow = fantastic

    Dear Dr Robbins - I dont know if you will see this email, I'm sure you have so many clients trying to contact you. I just wanted to express my delight with the alfaviral product as well as the blood flow optimizer they are both amazingly affective.  I purchased them both many months to clear my issues I was having in the bed room and my experience was more than satisfying. Plus I feel more lively and energetic about life. I just wanted to comend you on a excellent job in formulating a product that you can trust and rely on.

  • better mood
    Ever since taking Perfect Vitamind dk, my mood has really improved. I'm just happier. I don't know if it's coincidence or something else, but no complaints here =)
  • Great price
    I don't think people realize or do the math, this is a 3 MONTH supply at a very good dose of TWO important vitamins, veggie caps, all in ONE pill. It's a great product, great price for great health
  • wow

    All I can say about AlphaViril is...WOW!💪😀

  • No complications and it works well
    I have had a good time to try this formula and ill buy it again. Also, I try to be careful with the way I mix my supplements and HOW I take them as well. So for me, it is very important that my formulas interact well within my body.
  • it works
    it really works as advertised. zero complaints. life-long customer for sure
  • it's great
    great so far. It's been about 2 weeks and I've felt results for sure. Looking forward to more
  • highly recommended

    The product works great and I would recommend it to anyone middle-age male who wants to feel and PERFORM better!

  • 5 stars
    great product, better than anything I've tried and YES, I've tried a bunch. This is now 3 great products from HFL & dr. Robbinns. AlphaViril, Blood Flow and Blood Pressure. What should I try next?... lol
  • Great supplement that Works

    I love this stuff! It takes away my anxiety of questioning my abilities and helps give me what I need to perform as many times as I want. I also suggest you take it with Blood FLOW Optimizer (same company by HFL and Dr. Robbins)

  • Great supplement that Works

    I love this stuff! It takes away my anxiety of questioning my abilities and helps give me what I need to perform as many times as I want. I also suggest you take it with Blood FLOW Optimizer (same company by HFL and Dr. Robbins)

  • you got yourself a life-long customer

    I get blood work done every 12 months, including my PSA for my prostate. Both my doctor and I couldn't believe my testosterone levels had almost doubled since last time and my free testosterone levels had increased 70%. Anyway, I guess this explains why my sex drive is better, mood is much better and I feel just younger and more confident all the time. Not sure why or how. I guess I don't care.... You've got yourself a life-long customer! It would be great if I always felt this good. So far ... 4 months and no problems. Gracias

  • felt it within a week

    You really do have a good product that works. I mean, after the first week, my sex drive was MUCH higher. It was amazing. I used your advanced cycle and started at the highest dose. I felt better and more energetic within a couple of days. And you are right. Cycling the product makes it work even better. Thanks for all of your help, support and fantastic product!

  • I'm always "ready" - any time, any place. Lov'in it!

    I'll tell you why this stuff is just so much better than Viagra ... I'm ready to go WHENEVER I want ... ANY TIME of the day - ANYWHERE! With Viagra, I always had to "plan" my sex. It sucked. It really did. In fact, I became a bit dependant on it. I didn't need it, but it was nice to not worry about performance/

    But slowly, I noticed I had to take it ... just so I can always be on my game. But now, I'm good to go all the time and I never worry about going limp or anything. You've created a great product guys, I really mean that. Take care!

  • feel young again

    This product works well for me and I wish I could give it a 6 out of 5 stars.

  • I like that it's all natural

    I tried the other supplements at the store and Amazon and one from GNC. I give this one 5 stars because it does what is advertised. I like the fact it is all natural ( or at least I truly hope so), it is the most affordable for all of the benefits it gives. I don't have to buy 2-3 other products, this does it all. And I do have more energy, I heal quicker after work out, and I feel a little younger - if you catch my drift ;-)

  • My Husband is BACK!

    Reordering. My husband has been very tired (lazy), but unable to sleep, and quickly started gaining a belly. I give him his vitamins so he never knows what he is taking. Only 3 days after taking this, he played an entire soccer game and commented on how much more energy he had and how he just feels better all around. I then told him what he was taking. He has continued taking and he is like his old self again. His energy has not only come back on the soccer field, but in other areas, as well. It's really helped our relationship and I feel WHOLE again. Thank you Dr. Robbins.

  • much better quality of life

    Excellent product, has made a real difference in my health and quality of life, and I will never be without it. Customer for life:) Regards, Chris

  • LOVE it!!!

    I love this product. I am in my mid 50s and feel as good as if not better that I was in my 30s. I take as instructed and have incredible energy and have been able to achieve a flat stomach. I have been taking Dr. Sam's Alpha-Viril for over a year and would strongly recommend this product to folks that want to naturally maintain their virility. Thank you Dr. Sam!!!

  • back to using it, 3rd bottle now

    I have been taking Alphavirila for the past 3 months. For the first 2 months I took it continuously, after the second bottle was fininshed, I took 2 weeks off and dramatically noticed the difference on my energy and stamina. My libido was good for another week or so, but the last 3-4 days I noticed a big drop. After receiving my 3rd bottle I was back to feeling really good, focused and full of energy. I highly recommend this supplement for anyone suffering from low energy and stamina....it also REALLY helps in the bedroom. NO ONE has paid me or given me a discount for this review. Any questions let me know, I'll be more than happy to answer. Thanks!

  • really increased my desire and want for sex

    Hi ... I'm in my late 40's. I began taking Viagra many years ago when it first came out. Great drug, but has its drawbacks. I then started to take the new drug called Cialis. That drug is better, with less problems ... but still. It just seemed to really screw with my nose and sinuses. I couldn't breathe. Plus, it just gave me horrible headaches. I could always get an erection, just not as hard as I would want it to be or it use to be. Plus, I couldn't keep it hard as LONG as I would like. It would kinda go limp after a while. Anyway, I did it more for 'insurance' reasons than anything else.

    My buddy told me to try your product. I didn't feel much the first few days. But after the first week ... WOW ... Damn it man, I was like a teenager again. Erections were great. But BEST OF ALL, I WANTED to have sex all the time. My mental desire had come back. THAT'S what I love most about your product! Thanks a bunch.

  • I feel like I'm in high school again =)

    It's nice to have morning erections again. It's just like when I was in high school. It's great! The weird part is that over the years, it slowly went away. I never noticed it. But now, I have it every morning and not only is my sex drive better all day long. But I feel mentally better. Like I am younger or something. I don't know. But it's just nice. I wish I could be on your product YEAR ROUND, at maximum dosage... but I couldn't afford it. Thank you

  • worth every penny

    I want to make this quick. I'm from Australia and I received your AlphaViril about 3 weeks ago. Let's just say it was worth every penny I paid - worth the extra shipping, worth it all! I immediately start with your "advanced" cycle. I know I jumped the gun, but I was desperate. I honestly felt something happening within 2 days and by the end of one week, I had a much higher sex drive, more frequent erections and well, just better all around feeling.

    I don't know how to describe it. I felt CONFIDENT again. Felt young. I wasn't impotent or anything, but I couldn't "commend" my guy to "full attention" any time I want to, like when I was younger. And now I can with AlphaViril. It's great. I hope the feeling and results never go away. Thanks mate! Cheers...

  • every day, I have morning erections again

    I wanted to email you and let you know that AlphaViril really does work. In all honesty, I was trying to be cheap and take a much lower dose than the bottle recommended and I finally took your advice. I increased my dose and WOW ... about 3 days later my sex drive was so much higher! I have morning erections again, and I get them frequently through out the day for no reason at all. It's great ... hehe. Plus, I'm thinking about sex all the time again ... it's weird and nice at the same time.

    I feel young again ... like a man should feel! I will be putting in a big order today and stocking up. Thanks for not losing faith in me and being polite in your emails. I know I can be hard headed, but I've been ripped off in so many things in life before that I guess I'm a bit jaded. Anyway, I'm happy and so is my wife. Good day.

  • one bottle, 30 days = awesome

    This product in just 1 week has increased my energy level, and libido, right now I'm approxiamately one month in and love this product. I'm not sluggish when I get off of work, I have enough energy to keep up with my five year old, and being a landscape professional it can be very demanding on your body. I would recommend this product, and also gave my father one full bottle to try because of the results I've seen in such a short time.

  • good bad reviews

    Well ive read the bad and the good review on this product i live in the city of long beach ca and anyone that knows me can tell u im a suppliment taker ive tried many test booster natural herbal and synthetic from places like gnc vitamnin shoppe and other shoppes and i got to say i take this and Blood Flow OPtimizer (also by HFL) is the best ive ever felt in a long time, especially with my sex drive. im 38 married and with a 1 yr old daughter and i have energy throughtout the whole day. i was a couch potato my wife can tell u but lately shes been impressed of my hard work and sex drive. Try it for yourself i started feeling the effects in about 4 to 5 days. Im putting in an order for 3 bottles this time, since now I know it works.

  • 3 months and still good

    I have been using AlphaVirility for almost 3 months. I noticed improvement in my drive, energy and mood within 3-4 days. Prior to use, I had a sleeping disorder and would wake up tired in the morning. My energy level was low and the sexual desire needed a trigger. After using this product, my energy level has improved. I wake up in the mornings and feel that my system is default. My mood has also improved. I don’t think to feel/think negative and hardly stress over anything.

    I have a friend who is using this product also, and he experienced similar results as I did. In addition, after using the product for four months, he went to see his doctor for annual blood work. The doctor check his liver functions, cholesterol and all were normal. That's good to hear.

  • love it

    This is the second time I have purchased this product. It helps keep me awake during the morning and gives me that extra boost I need to get me through work. I usually work 10 hour days so the testosterone boost helps me more with better alertness and focus as opposed to not taking the product. I also love that everything about this product is completely natural and GMO free.

  • great!

    I have tried some of the other T-boosters with so so results. Some of them you think are working but you're not sure, has been my experience. I decided to try Alphaviril because it is all natural and manufactured in the USA. I followed the instructions taking 2 pills a day for the first week and then 4 daily the second week. I could tell a difference before the month was up so I continued the next month with the same routine, after taking 1 week off and continued with great results. I have good energy working out and my libido is much better. These just seem to work very well to the point that some weeks now I only take 1 a day to keep it in my system. I can't say they will work for everyone of course but they have worked great for me. I also don't have any fast heart rate or any other bad feeling when I take these. I will definitely give these 5 stars and keep buying.

  • this is my favorite

    I've tried a lot of different natural Test boosters and by far, this one is my favorite. Biggest reason, is because of the ingredients that are in it. Dr Sam and the company stays behind its product and delivers the best product on the market. I felt difference after a few days. Better mood and overall a better well being. Longer lasting energy as well. Will definitely recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a quality organic/natural T booster!

  • excellent

    excellent product, works really well. Great support, works best if you cycle it, like the bottle/directions tell you to.

  • lost stomach fat (surprised)

    I've used 1.5 bottles so far and I'm shocked that my waist is 1 inch smaller. I've tightened my belt by 2 holes, so it's at least 1 inch. Basically, I can grab less fat. I'm surprised because I was mainly looking for improvement in my libido. Which by the way, I noticed within 3-4 days. Basically i wake up with erections and I'm thinking about sex during the day (well, a LOT more than usual, LOL). 

    I had been taking Dr. Sam's Choleslo product for years to lower my cholesterol and it works, my blood tests show proof. So, that's why I decided to try alphaviril. I haven't done any blood tests yet for complete proof, but FOR SURE I feel better, have more energy, much hornier and have lost fat. Looking forward to results in the next 2-3 months.

  • Great Product and Great Results
    I was on YouTube looking for natural solutions for boosting my libido. I saw Dr. Sam's vid on the topic and thought, "I got to try this." The results have been great! My partner and I are truly enjoying AlphaViril. It's great! Thanks, Dr. Sam...
    Hi Dr. Sam, I think I am going to begin this text by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH. Why? Because I am taking "alphaviril" and I just love it. In the second day, I begun seeing a difference. Oh how lucky I was when I came across your Youtube video. I want you to know that this herbal supplement is fantastic! Since last year, I am experiencing ED. I spoke to my doctor and he said I was ok. I was taking tribulus terrestris with arginine, however, I was not seeing a significant improvement. Well, I also want you to know that I enjoy watching your videos. They are very educational. They are very educational and your voice is deep and very clear. You are just straight to the point. I also wish I could meet you in person for a consultation. I'll tell you why. I am currently 62, I am vegetarian. I weight 162 lbs. One of my big dreams is to build some muscle. I do workout but I do not see serious results. I get my protein from dairy nuts seeds, legumes. However I am having some digestive issues. I have to see a gastroenterologist to see what is going on. Anyhow, I do eat lots of fruits, specially bananas and mangos. You said that fruits are sugar and sugar is bad for us, if I recall properly. Can you elaborate further on that. I will be wait for your reply eagerly for I built a strong trust and respect for you. If you one day come to New York please let me know. Now, I trust your guidance for you know what you say. High regards -Jose.
  • in my protein sake every morning
    I had researched various suppliments to increase the "T" hormone for weeks and have tried a number of them for weeks at a time. I settled on Alpha Viril because it works well and the testimony that Dr. R gave us about why he created this formula in the first place- to help his father. I had confidence before I bought the product and tried it. I found that they work best for me by opening up the pill capsules and pouring in 4 pills into my protein shake every morning. This formula for sure makes me stiffer and for a longer of period of time. It help solve my lack of ejaculation experience I had been having for a couple of years also. I also add 2 tablespoons of "Raw Organic Kallpaq Premium Maca Powder" from Shaman's market .com to the protein shake also. Cheers
  • felt it in minutes!

    I LOVE my morning coffee. It's tradition. Over the past couple of years I've had a couple more cups throughout the day or an energy drink with my lunch (or another later). But my doctor said I had to stop the caffeine. I had "adrenal fatigue" and boy, was it a nightmare getting off of caffeine, especially having to give up my lovely coffee =(

    Anyway, I decided to give Dr. Robbins Body-brain energy a try after doing some research and I swear to you, I got energized in minutes. I hate taking pills, so I opened up the capsule, poured out the herbs in my morning pomegranate juice (yum!) and minutes later I felt energized throughout my entire body. I actually felt happier. I cleanred the entire kitchen, had a VERY productive day at work and even went to the gym too. A great day!

    Does the product work like this all the time? WOW if it does. I can't remember the last time I felt this good and young!

  • I'm never going to go off!

    I have been taking this product for some time now and I believe it has given me additional years of life. I had chest pains or twinges until I started taking Blood Flow Optimizer. Since then, I haven't had any discomfort associated with my heart. I won't be caught again without it in my medicine cabinet. I do not take any Statin drugs because of the potential harmful side effects they may cause. Blood Flow Optimizer works and I take 3 capsules every night.

  • 4 caps a day, 2 weeks - equals one very happy wife!

    My husband has experenced some issues in firmness, since he started working the nightshift. We are also a bit past the flush of youth in age, late 40's. This stuff is wonderful, works better then other suppliments we have tried with no headaches, or jitters. Brought back the morning "perkiness" along with excellent firmness, better hardness, and longer lasting function. Well worth the cost. and will be stocking up on these.

  • Whoa !

    Never expected anything great but I was plesantly surprised!!. I seem to have more energy through out the day and for the first time in years, i'm able to have sex twice daily!!! Five stars for this.

  • stock up

    i'm always stocked up on Alphaviril and I'm on monthly auto-ship too. I ran out once and then after a few weeks I was tired and limp again, like the old days. Alpha Viril is like a vitamin for my penis, seriously good stuff.

  • it's all about the formula

    My libido and testosterone has slowly but surely dropped over the past few years. It's been subtle, but now very noticable. So much so that it has (or HAD) really affected my relationship with my wife. I tried so many different products over the past 2 years. Most didn't work and then ones that did, stopped working after 2-3 weeks. I didn't give up, i kept taking them. I was so very hopeful. But, well... at some point you have to face reality.

    I don't remember why or how, but I ran into one of dr. Sam Robbins videos on youtube. It was about increasing your testotserone naturally. I watched the video and it made sense. I watched more of his videos and next thing you know, almost an hour had gone by. They were all so good, simple and easy to understand. Anyway, I decided to try one last time and bought 3 bottles of Alpha-VIril. He has this crazy guarantee, so I thought I have nothing to lose.l

    To make a long story short (or shorter), this product REALLY works!!! I haven't done any blood tests. I don't know if it's improved or fixed my hormones as his videos state this product does. However, I feel at least 10+ years younger. I wake up with my morning erections now for the first and time in years. I'm constantly running after my wife like a teenager in heat. It's amazing. I feel so damn confident again. I didn't realize how bad life was with low testosterone. Everything in my life has improved - especially that spark with my wife. She is actually the reason I'm posting this positive review to let others know that it doesn't just hurt the man, it can negatively and indirectly affect the spouse or your partner too. Thank you Dr. Sam, I really mean it. I really can't tahnk you enough!!!

  • Does what it says it does

    When you get a little older-even a youthful 49-you realize that the best fires are built with hard woods that last longer. Seems to me the fire has been a lot warmer for me of late thanks to AlphaViril. I would highly recommend this product to put a little more flame back into your life. Also it seems to please the wife that she still excites me so much. Anyway, just try it. Use it or lose it!

  • Great product!

    It gives you energy, lots of drive and stamina and most of all it does not make you sick!

  • Over 50 and Drive Limited

    For the past six years, i have had no sex drive. In fact, I have not been sexual with anyone for the past three years. I am single and I believe I my testosterone has been reduced with age, not to mention the fact that I am on high blood pressure meds, which reduce sexual drive. The bottle recommends taking four a day, however, i have only been taking two a day and I have been returned to the land of the sexual living. Although I have not yet met anyone with which practice, LOL! I can feel the energy and drive return. This herbal compilation really works and I feel at least 10 years younger!

  • Powerful stuff!

    This product definitely enhances ones desire and helps with blood flow as well.

  • wow, everyone!

    This product really works... I took a dose of 4 pills. After an hour I noticed that I was feeling a bit hyper (so perhaps 4 was too much for me) so I knew something was happening. I went into my local bank and noticed that 4 out of 5 women employees were knock-outs and very sexy... (something I had not noticed the week before). Later when I got over to my girlfriends house I could hardly keep my hands off of her.. and then later.. when we were alone... WOW! I don't have ED... but that night I REALLY didn't have ED... not for a solid two hours. Over the following few weeks I have learned that 1-2 pills in the morning and 1-2 pills in the evening leads to a fantastic night... if you know what I mean... :-)

  • I'm bigger

    I'm not sure if my sex drive is higher or not, i've bene under a lot of stress lately. But I actually feel like my member is bigger. Not that much - just fuller, thicker, heavier in my hand. Is this one of the benefits or side-effects? if yes, you should list it at your website and every guy will buy it LOL!!!

    Yes, many guys have had similar effects, but it takes a few months for the "growth" to happen.
  • A World Of Difference

    They were out of stock once, for like two weeks and I hate that time period. Ordered double to keep a spare bottle on hand. It is well worth it. I've tried other products, this is the best. Dr. Sam knows what he is talking about.

  • natural viagra

    take it as directed, works!!!